Change to 1:1 scintillation cocktail saves CRO 50%

2 February 2009

LabLogic Systems has helped one of its clients to halve its scintillation cocktail costs for radio-HPLC work - a useful saving in today's stringent economic climate.

The CRO has switched to LabLogic's Flowlogic 1:1, which costs 10% less than the brand previously used and is mixed with eluants at a ratio of just 1:1, cutting consumption by two-thirds.

"Flowlogic 1:1 was developed specifically for a wide range of mobile phase solvents in radio-HPLC flow-counting applications," says LabLogic's Elvir Zahirovic. "We - and our clients who already use it - know how economical it is to use, without any loss of counting efficiency, but it is good to see the fact demonstrated yet again."

Because it is non-gelling, Flowlogic 1:1 mixes rapidly to form a clear emulsion suitable for a steady streamline flow at a wide range of HPLC gradients.

It is biodegradable and, subject to advice on dilution rates from the local water company, can sometimes be disposed of down the drain. With low toxicity, a high flash point of 145oC and almost no odour, it is also safe and pleasant to handle.

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