Laura 4 news - Agilent fraction collectors now supported""

27 May 2009

Laura 4, the latest evolution of the industry standard radio chromatography software system now supports Agilent fraction collectors.

Support of the following Agilent fraction collectors is now available in Laura 4, for both 1100 and 1200 series HPLC systems:

  • G1364B Preparative fraction collector.
  • G1364C Analytical fraction collector.
  • G1364D Micro fraction collector.

Laura 4 provides functionality to trigger the fraction collector by time or volume plus the ability to collect peaks by monitoring either radio or UV channel. The user can also set up a bespoke timetable for the fraction collector to operate within a run.

Laura 4 also allows the user to configure the fraction collector relative to the number of fractions to be collected e.g. when using well plates.

The addition of fraction collector support further enhances Laura 4's ability to support the entire system, offering true single point of control.

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