Microplate reader offered with free temperature controller

23 June 2009

Until the end of July, anyone buying a Chameleon V microplate reader from LabLogic Systems will receive a free temperature control unit worth £690.

The offer makes the Chameleon an even more attractive purchase. It is already the most versatile plate reader available, capable of detecting both radiometric and non-radiometric labels and encompassing up to six different technologies in a compact, space saving design.

Purchasers choose the combination of methods best suited to their individual needs: Luminescence, Fluorescence, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, Absorbance and Liquid Scintillation Counting.

The Chameleon's unique optical design achieves the highest sensitivity in all detection modes - TRF sensitivity down to 5 amol Eu/well and LSC efficiency above 50% for 3H.

In addition, serial dilution experiments have shown that the Chameleon's dual PMT design and ultra high sensitivity luminescence mode make it the most sensitive luminometer available, with a detection limit less than 1 amol ATP/well.

The Chameleon has many other 'additional' features as standard, such as a shaking facility, >100 scanning points per well, variable measurement/count times and multiplexing (for multiple measurements of samples using different technologies and wavelength settings). All of these features are made manageable by MikroWin 2000 Lite software, which is included with the reader.

To complete the package, LabLogic can provide an extensive range of customising accessories, such as up to two built in injectors, temperature control with a range of ambient + 2°C - 42°C and robot / stacker compatibility.

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