Latest radiochromatography software has it all under control

27 November 2009

Release 4.0.5 of LabLogic Systems’ Laura radiochromatography software brings together all the improvements and innovations of the last twelve months - more than 150 in total.

Headline items are optimisation of the Active Counting Mode facility, making it more reproducible with better resolution, sensitivity and control; and interfaces for the iScan TLC radiopharmaceutical scanner and Waters Alliance (2695 and 2795) HPLC system and dual-absorbance detectors (2487 and 2489). The latter extends LabLogic’s association with Waters, which began with control of the Acquity UltraPerformance LC system at the end of 2008.

Other products receiving new or enhanced support from Laura 4.0.5 include the Agilent Binary-SL pump, Canberra MCA UniSpec detector, Gilson autosampler, Gilson FC204 fraction collector, LabLogic’'s own SoFie stop-flow system, the Mini-Scan TLC scanner, Shimadzu HPLC system, Shimadzu autosamplers (SIL-20AHT, SIL-20ACHT) and Xcalibur MS software.

"As always, the new release includes a large number of small enhancements that collectively make the system easier to use," says LabLogic technical director Peter Clapham.

"For example, we have modified Tools|Security Levels so that their order can be changed, and there are different log files for each day, all of which can be kept for up to a week."

"Many of our clients find that they need to manage large numbers of users, so we have made the Project Wizard resizeable so that they can do so easily."

"There is also a new check at start-up to ensure that all instruments are communicating correctly, and another in Add Batch to warn the user if the modules in the HPLC stack don't match the configuration in the method."

"As a final example, we have addressed the problem of running out of solvent or scintillant before the end of a run by adding an estimate of usage on the measurement queue status bar, with a warning if the supply is insufficient."

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