Sample tracking software does it your way

18 March 2010

LabLogic Systems has designed its Stacy sample tracking and stock control software to match the user’s circumstances as closely as possible.

Keeping up-to-date paper records of the compounds, samples and radio-isotopes passing through a lab is almost impossible, and computerised systems are often inflexible, shoe-horning data into inappropriate formats.

Stacy avoids such pitfalls by keeping every option open. It is a highly configurable reporting tool that can interact with every field in the database exactly as required - so introducing it doesn’t mean that established practices have to be abandoned.

For example, bespoke report-writing styles can be maintained in line with corporate identity and with other preferences such as colour-coding and regional language variations.

To give an idea of the freedom of presentation that Stacy gives, users can report on samples by location or by study, showing exactly where they are to be found; compile lists of samples taken off-site; and put together a whole chain of custody reports, such as how a sample was produced, when and by whom it was moved in and out of storage, and its freeze/thaw cycle history.

Similarly, radioactivity stocks can be accounted for by isotope, by limit (the amount the facility is licensed to store or dispose of, and to what degree it is complying), by disposal route - and by any other chosen variable.

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