New cGMP-compliant PET LIMS ready to roll in Copenhagen

8 June 2010

David Drennan, Angelo Nacca, Kenneth Stålmo, Mona Yrvehed and Evelyn Langer-Buchler from the Herlev cyclotron and radiochemistry unit.

LabLogic Systems has completed the first installation of the new LIMS it has developed specifically for PET research and manufacturing.

The PETra system, which complies with the FDA cGMP regulations that will come into force on 12 December 2011, is all set to go live in the PET facility of the Herlev University Hospital near Copenhagen.

Herlev is one of the largest and most well-equipped medical centres in Denmark, and is the speciality cancer treatment center for the country as well as serving its local population of 200,000 people.

In addition to commissioning PETra, LabLogic has provided links to all Herlev’s existing instrumentation - cyclotron, synthesis units, chromatography systems for QC and environmental monitoring.

Jacek Koziorowski, the hospital’s chief radiochemist, explained that the department carried out a thorough review of the LIMS market before making its decision.

"It was quite clear that LabLogic had a better understanding of the PET process and the regulatory requirements than any other supplier we spoke to," he said. "I’'m confident that PETra will meet all our requirements from Alpha to Omega –and in a cGMP-compliant way."

Colleagues corroborated Jacek’'s views.

Head of production Mona Yrvehed said: "PETra has a straightforward user interface that is easy to operate, with all the functions we need. LabLogic'’s experts communicate well; they know what PET is all about."

And David Drennan gave the engineer’s perspective: "PETra is an intuitive and easily understood system that connects and communicates with all our equipment. Whenever I’'ve needed help from LabLogic, they'’ve been very quick to respond."

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