Scintillation cocktail has 1:1 uptake and high counting efficiency

16 September 2010

SafeScint 1:1 from LabLogic Systems is a scintillation cocktail for discrete sample counting that ticks every box on the radiochromatographer’s wish list - a biodegradable formulation combining outstanding counting efficiency with a high sample uptake capacity that saves on both consumption and disposal.

Ideal for most aqueous sample types, including high pH, low pH and high salt, SafeScint 1:1 can hold up to 10 ml per 10 ml of cocktail. It has low toxicity and odour and mixes rapidly with the solute to produce a clear, homogeneous emulsion.

With SafeScint - even at 1:1 ratios of sample to cocktail - isotopes can be counted with uncompromised efficiencies, and there is no risk of the solvent or solute diffusing into the walls of high-density polyethylene vials.

SafeScint 1:1 is just one of the many products in LabLogic’'s comprehensive range of consumables for liquid scintillation counting and radiation safety. Also included are radiation contamination monitors, Beta and Gamma radiation shields, sample vials and boxes, waste containers - and many others answering everyday lab needs.

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