Radiochromatography software aids phospholipid study

9 November 2010

The Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the UK'’s University of Manchester is successfully using LabLogic’'s Laura 4 software to control all the components of its radiochromatography facility.

Dr. David R. Jones, an associate scientist in the Institute’s Inositide Laboratory, has a Shimadzu HPLC system and LabLogic'’s Beta-RAM 4 radio detector for the study of phosphoinositides, a family of phospholipids that regulate many cellular processes.

He is investigating how phosphoinositide levels are regulated using metabolically radiolabelled mammalian cells. The use of LabLogic’s Beta-RAM 4 radio detector (in Cerenekov counting mode) means that manual fraction collecting followed by static counting is avoided.

"We find Laura 4 a very convenient way to control the Beta-RAM and all the Shimadzu HPLC modules in a single window, and its sample analysis software makes it easy to collect and process data," says Dr. Jones.

"I rate the detector and software highly compared with other HPLC equipment I’'ve worked with, mainly because of their robust performance and ease of use. I anticipate that both will be key components of our phosphoinositide analysis facility for the foreseeable future."

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