Debra LIMS featured in CRO data management debate

3 March 2011

A user of LabLogic’'s Debra drug metabolism LIMS has contributed to an article in the February/March 2011 issue of ‘Scientific Computing World’ magazine on the subject of flexible data management solutions for contract laboratories.

Marko Miladinov, senior IT specialist at XenoBiotic Laboratories, describes the challenges a CRO faces in integrating the acquisition, collection and reporting of data, ideally without manual records. He goes on to make the point that in Xenobiotic’s case all these requirements are met by Debra, which has been managing ADME data at the company’s New Jersey research facility since 2008.

Also contributing to the debate is LabLogic systems director Huw Loaring, who highlights Debra'’s ability to capture data directly in a GLP environment, thereby ensuring complete traceability of "who captured what, on which instrument and when."

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