New radio HPLC detector pleases PET oncologists

1 April 2011

LabLogic’'s new Flow-RAM gamma radio HPLC detector for PET and SPECT is already attracting positive comments from its first UK customer - Imperial College's Hammersmith Hospital Campus in London.

Dr Graham Smith of the Faculty of Medicine's Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre, where the detector is used for quality checks of radio-pharmaceuticals, says: "The Flow-RAM hardware is an ergonomic improvement on the setup we had previously."

"It integrates seamlessly into Laura 4.1.3, the latest version of LabLogic’'s radiochromatography software, and generates data of comparable quality."

"Installation was carried out with the technical expertise that we have come to expect from the company, reinforced by excellent after-sales support."

With the Flow-RAM, Hammersmith anticipates the high degree of reliability it has already experienced with LabLogic'’s Gamma-RAM radio-HPLC detector for soft and intermediate gamma emitters, which has not malfunctioned or shown signs of degradation in sensitivity in more than three years of use.

Flow-RAM is available in different configurations whereby either one or two detectors can be connected to the system at any one time. The two-detector configuration accepts two detectors - different or the same - that work simultaneously yet independently of one another. This creates a ‘two in one’ instrument, giving exceptional flexibility, hence saving space and money.

The user can lock down features such as the high voltage, upper and lower level discriminators to prevent unauthorised adjustments to specified radionuclide operating parameters, ensuring consistent GLP/GMP compliance.

Power supply, instrument control and data collection is via a single USB connection. In addition, for those wishing to use the detector with their existing chromatography system, the Flow-RAM offers stand-alone control through a pocket digital assistant over a Bluetooth wireless link.

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