Monitors show radio-nuclide Bq/cm2 measurements instantly

10 May 2011

Tracerco monitors in action

Newly available from LabLogic Systems are radiation monitors offering an exceptional range of features tailored to the needs of the life sciences and nuclear medicine.

In addition to giving a standard reading in counts-per-second (cps) Tracerco monitors are calibrated against 14 other radio-nuclides as standard, showing Bq/cm2 on the digital display at the press of a button without any need for calculations by the user. A further nine calibrations can be added, as required.

Robustly made in the UK, the monitors can be used with a one-handed sweeping action or with a probe for reaching into less accessible areas, such as fume cabinets.

The standard T401 GM-based model - which was recently seen being used to scan food on a BBC News report (see video below, 1 min 30 sec) - is complemented by three others: the T402 dose rate meter (60KeV - 1.25MeV, with peak dose feature and cumulative dose measurement); the T403 with 10m of cable and a 10m-long extendable pole; and the new T406 for monitoring X-rays from 17KeV to 1.25MeV.

Originally a research department of ICI, Tracerco has more than 50 years’ experience of developing environmental technologies and has won Queen’s Awards for Innovation and Enterprise.

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