New chromatography data system is PET-specific

31 May 2011

LabLogic has introduced a version of its tried and tested Laura chromatography data system specifically for PET applications.

The aptly-named Laura for PET is a single system that can control and collect data generated by all standard methods - gas, thin-layer and high pressure chromatography and multi-channel analysis.

Data is collected digitally to ensure accuracy and is also easy to extract for QC acceptance purposes, and half-life can be corrected on-line - a feature unique to Laura for PET.

Audit trails can be configured to suit individual requirements; results can be calibrated for quantitative data analysis; and methods, calibrations and reports can all be locked against modification to ensure consistency of operation.

"Introducing Laura for PET reduces the number of data systems that have to be learned to just one, so disruption to the PET lab’s production process is kept to an absolute minimum," says Keith Hall, LabLogic’'s Laura product manager.

"Users also have the reassurance of knowing that it is based on a reliable product designed specifically for working with radio nuclides as well as 'cold' techniques that has successfully evolved in response to chromatographers’ changing needs for more than 20 years."

Key features of the Laura for PET system include:

Control of GC, TLC, HPLC and MCA.

Single system to collect data from GC, TLC, HPLC and MCA.

One software system for users to learn, reduces the impact on your production process.

Ease of data extraction for QC acceptance.

Configurable audit trail to suit individual requirements.

Methods, calibrations and reports can be locked against modification to ensure consistency of operation.

Calibration of results for quantitative data analysis.

Reliability and durability from a mature product, Laura has been in existence for over 20 years.

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