Microplate reader can be customised for fluorescence and luminescence

31 October 2011

Researchers using fluorescence and/or luminescence for bio-analysis will find all their needs met by the most versatile multilabel microplate reader on the market - the Chameleon V from LabLogic Systems.

By choosing appropriately from a range of six models, buyers can equip themselves for glow and flash luminescence work, either alone or in combination with three fluorescence modes (intensity, time-resolved and polarization), absorbance techniques and liquid scintillation counting.

As a photon-counting luminometer, the Chameleon V achieves ultra-high luminescence sensitivity down to less than 1amol ATP/well and a detection range exceeding six decades, combined with automatic injectors and temperature control. Applications include ATP detection, toxicology, reporter gene assays, dual luciferase assays, luminescence Immunoassays and BRET. The Chameleon will push luminescence limits of detection far beyond any other plate reader.

As a fluorescence intensity reader for end-point or kinetic measurements of short decay-time fluorophores in multiple wavelength modes, emission ranges up to 850nm make it ideal for cytotoxicity, binding studies, immunoassays, enzyme activity, FRET and ligand receptor binding assays.

In time-resolved fluorescence, Chameleon V can measure long-decay time lanthanide chelate fluorophores like Eu, Tb and Sm for DELFIA® and TR-FRET.

And as a fluorescence polarisation reader using dual emission detection with dedicated FP filter slide sets, it can perform sensitive and homogeneous analysis of molecule-molecule interactions in protein binding and estrogen receptor assays by measuring rotational properties.

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