Software demonstrations made easy

16 November 2011

LabLogic Systems has made it easier than ever to see demonstrations of its software for drug metabolism, PET and radio-chemistry.

Every page in the software section of the company’s website now has a ‘Demonstration’ button on the right of the screen that links to an online form where interested visitors can arrange to see exactly what a product can do – online or in-person. This can be on an informal one-on-one basis, or as a more formal presentation to a group.

'Nobody has time to waste these days so we wanted to make the business of setting up a demonstration as simple as possible, and offering the facility through our website does just that,' said LabLogic systems director Huw Loaring.

The company’s software portfolio includes the application-specific LIMS Debra for ADME studies and PETra for radiopharmaceutical production; the Laura chromatography data collection and analysis system; and programs for WBA image analysis, sample tracking, LSC data capture, soil metabolism studies, and metabolite and residue extraction.