The new Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level Scintillation Counter is now available from LabLogic

26 June 2012

Scintillation counting is widely used with challenging low energy beta isotopes and difficult to measure alpha isotopes. Environmental samples, biofuel verification, micro dosing, these are just a few of the application examples where extremely low level activities need to be detected.

The Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level version provides the user with a compact, easy to use scintillation counter with superb performance. The new system boasts more and improved shielding, active monitoring of background radiation combined with all the trademark features of a standard Hidex 300 SL with no compromise.

The design of the system is such that it can measure high energy betas like strontium without adverse effects of the guard.

The system is still compact with a total weight of 180 kg and it is delivered with a dedicated cart that can hold a control computer or other accessories.

Contact Scott Baker for more details or to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

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