The perfect PED

7 March 2014

Research staff at Newcastle University recently reviewed their usage of the Tracerco T404 Personal Electronic Dosimeter. Much easier to use than traditional personal radiation monitors, this instrument is perfect for both radiation specialists and those who are not working with radiation every day. Intrinsically safe, robust and reliable, it is the ideal instrument for nuclear medicine and research environments.

The instruments have been in use for the past two years at their Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Centre, a newly formed research facility located in the Magnetic Resonance Centre on the old Newcastle General Hospital site, and according to recent feedback from staff it would seem they remain extremely satisfied with their investment.

Luke Dixon, a Research Associate at the Centre, said "I've been using the Tracerco PED for around 2 years now and I've been really impressed with it."

"Both the hardware and software have been faultless. It's extremely user friendly and instantly gives us the results we need."

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