Triad Isotopes implement PETra into all PET manufacturing facilities

2 June 2014

LabLogic today announced it has completed the implementation process of the PET LIMS system, PETra, within the PET manufacturing facilities of Triad Isotopes, Inc. PETra technology represents the latest in PET LIMS systems, incorporating all of the PET productions processes that improve efficiencies, while simultaneously offering a simple solution to maintaining compliance with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 212.

Triad Isotopes' investment in PETra technology serves not only as an overall process improvement within that company's four cyclotron facilities, but as a significant enhancement to their PET manufacturing infrastructure. Full implementation of the PETra system presents Triad with an opportunity to even further strengthen what is already exceptional customer service.

"Triad's PET manufacturing facilities are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of safety and compliance," said Dave Wilson, Vice President, PET Operations, Triad Isotopes, Inc. "Our investment in PETra demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing quality."

The PETra system manages all data throughout the production process, including dispensing requirements, inventory management, pre-production checks, material preparation, production, quality control and product release; while simultaneously compiling all relevant information into a single batch report. Additionally, PETra seamlessly integrates other functions, such as: barcode-driven inventory and stock-control system, a comprehensive and flexible security structure, fully configurable user access, standard operating procedure management, corrective and preventive action management, out of specification notifications, trending, instrument maintenance and deviation report management.

"We feel confident that this is a forward-thinking investment that positions Triad to meet and exceed the needs of our industry and our pharmaceutical partners. In the future, we anticipate this technology becoming the guiding standard for PET manufacturers, and are pleased to be on the forefront of that evolution," said Kerry Gillespie, President, Triad Isotopes, Inc. "The commitment from LabLogic to ensure that the system is installed successfully and configured to meet our needs has been tremendous. We look forward to working with LabLogic again on future technology enhancements."

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