Tracer-QC proves that pigs can fly

27 March 2018

The Tracer-QC turnkey QC lab solution

Turnkey QC lab solution development provides a pig solution

The Tracer-QC turnkey lab solution product has amazed many people since its introduction to the market. At LabLogic and Trace-Ability we aim to not only bring you amazing products, but to also match that with exceptional service. The ongoing development of the Tracer-QC product proves just that...

Recently the system has been demonstrated in various potential early-adopter sites. It proved to be extremely useful, not only for the potential early-adopters to see the system in action in their own manufacturing facility, but also to our team from a development point of view.

Arkadij Elizarov, CEO, Trace-Ability, said "We had feedback from one of the early-adopters in relation to how the sample was added to the system. There were concerns regarding the dose exposure received by the operator. Within a month we had provided a solution and modified the system to suit."

Instead of delivering the sample directly onto the kit on top of the robot, the Tracer-QC now incorporates a removable shielded pig. This ensures a safer environment, allowing operators to use tongs to deliver the sample to the Tracer-QC. As a result, finger dose exposure is significantly reduced and Tracer-QC enables further automation possibilities alongside dispensing units.

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