A universal, fully automated QC lab solution with radio-HPLC

29 June 2018

The Tracer-QC rHPLC - a powerful and automated QC Solution with integrated radio-HPLC

Tracer-QC rHPLC Provides a Powerful Automated QC Lab Solution with Integrated radio-HPLC Testing

The Tracer-QC rHPLC QC lab solution builds on all of the features and benefits of the traditional system, with the added benefit of running radio-HPLC tests as part of a fully integrated and completely automated process.


Automated testing for PET-QC

The Tracer-QC HPLC provides fully automated, universal testing for PET-QC; the process is automated from sample to report, including HPLC injection and column priming and cleaning.

A universal solution for any tracer

The Tracer-QC HPLC is not just an FDG solution, with the option to purchase consumable kits for multiple tracers. Research and Development Kits also allow users to develop their own kits for QC testing.

1 system, 1 consumable kit and 1 expiry date

Tracer-QC rHPLC is simple to maintain with just one integrated system and one single-use consumables kit for each run.
The Tracer-QC provides automated testing for pet-qc


Hassle free HPLC standards

HPLC standards come pre-packaged and automatically injected. No need for the user to prepare or carry out multiple manual injections.

Accurate and precise measurements

Internal standards are mixed in precise ratios with the sample for unprecedented accuracy and precision of chemical purity measurements.
For more information on the Tracer-QC or the Tracer-QC rHPLC solutions, please get in touch.

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