How to easily perform DNA, RNA, and protein quantification

13 March 2019

The Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader provides fast and efficient DNA quantification of multiple low volume samples

The Hidex μVolume plate for the Hidex Sense microplate reader is a quick and easy tool for DNA, RNA, and protein assays using photometric measurement and sample volumes down to 2 μL.

Only 20 cm wide, the Hidex Sense multi-mode plate reader provides a compact platform that combines several instruments, saving lab space and increasing flexibility.

The μVolume Plate provides a straightforward way of analyzing up to 16 microliter-scale samples simultaneously, compared to alternative dedicated instruments which only allow analysis of one sample at a time.

The fixed light path of the μVolume Plate allows direct calculation of the nucleic acid concentrations, and in less than 10 seconds you can measure the full absorbance spectra (220 - 1000 nm) from all samples.