The Beta-RAM 6 radio flow detector ensures good peak shape and resolution

29 August 2019

The Beta-RAM radio flow detector guarantees good peak shape and resolution

The Beta-RAM is the world’s leading radio flow detector for HPLC offers unrivalled sensitivity, resolution, and versatility.

The self-contained manifold ensures eluate and scintillant are mixed accurately for good counting efficiency. It has a unique liquid handling manifold to control liquid distribution and mixing.

IRIS technology allows users to optimize sensitivity and resolution by making a range of cell volumes available dynamically.

Unlike traditional radio flow detectors for HPLC, the IRIS technology gives a wide range of cell volumes without the need to change the flow cell.

As well as these other amazing features, the Beta-RAM also boasts integration with the Logi-CHROM HPLC Series.

A customer's findings showed that the Beta-RAM came out on top, "When comparing the performance of the Beta-RAM 6 to the Perkin Elmer FSA, the Beta-RAM 6 is the clear winner in terms of peak shape, background levels, and signal-to-noise ratios.”


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