New Amsterdam facility chooses PETra PET LIMS

5 February 2020

PETra PET LIMS lands at leading nuclear medicine organisation in Amsterdam

Following 10 years of PETra installations in leading PET facilities worldwide, BV Cyclotron VU in Amsterdam is the latest to choose PETra as its PET Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). 

PETra is LabLogic’s dedicated PET LIMS software, designed to increase regulatory compliance and workflow efficiency, while eliminating transcription errors. 

BV Cyclotron VU 

Located on the Amsterdam UMC campus (location VUmc), BV Cyclotron VU is a global health science organisation that produces radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility housing three cyclotrons and several GMP hot labs. Customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories.  

VUmc Imaging Center

BV Cyclotron VU is moving its world-class production site by opening a brand new radiopharmaceutical production facility within the new VUmc Imaging Center, planned for operation in 2020. The fully-integrated, state-of-the-art imaging center will house a network of imaging and research partners.

BV Cyclotron VU will continue to produce [18F]-FDG alongside other radiotracers and will expand the manufacturing of GMP-compliant Zirconium-89 for worldwide delivery.

Implementing PETra to increase regulatory compliance 

BV Cyclotron VU has chosen PETra to help manage data in an efficient and compliant manner at the new facility.

PETra is the PET LIMS of choice across highly-regulated and prestigious PET facilities worldwide due to five main advantages:

  • Direct data capture and data management for a wide range of equipment and software.
  • SOPs readily available alongside the product methods.
  • Improved workflow efficiency by managing data electronically.
  • Improved compliance with GMP, Pharmacopoeia and data integrity guidance.
  • Standardisation of radiopharmaceutical production.

Arnold Spaans, Product Specialist at BV Cyclotron VU, said: “We are very pleased to have chosen LabLogic’s PETra PET LIMS for our new facility at VUmc Imaging Center.

“The long-standing successful track record of PETra deployment at other facilities and the excellent demonstrations given by LabLogic, together with recommendations from colleagues of other production sites directed us towards LabLogic’s LIMS.”

 “We visited other PET sites in Europe that currently use PETra to help us fully understand the system and to plan for our own PETra configuration. 

“PETra will reduce paperwork and increase efficiency within our facility, ensure complete compliance and improve scalability for adding new products. It fits completely in the digital transformation BV Cyclotron VU is undergoing towards enhancing our position as European leader in nuclear medicine research and product development.

“We’re excited to be working with LabLogic for the implementation of PETra and we are looking forward to completing the validation process later this year.”

From enquiry to validation with our PETra experts 

LabLogic has deployed PETra globally in both commercial and academic PET facilities, making our experience and expertise unrivalled. Our complete in-house team of developers, nuclear medicine/PET specialists, and quality assurance analysts are experts in their respective fields and are involved in every step of a PETra project.


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