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Driving compliance, efficiency, and innovation in medical radioisotope production with PETra

7 March 2024

BV Cyclotron is a global manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals and user of LabLogic’s LIMS, which has brought significant benefits to commercial PET production

Eliminating paper records in PET/QC with PETra

17 January 2024

PET Pharm Biotech in Taiwan is using LabLogic’s LIMS to improve efficiency by digitising their batch records

LabLogic’s Laura for PET has been rebranded as Laura Radiopharma

30 November 2023

Our radiochromatography software for PET and SPECT adheres to GMP-compliant ALCOA principles

Streamlining supply chain operations for radiopharmaceuticals

17 August 2023

In the second part of our conversation with Evergreen Theragnostics, we find out how Orla is optimising workflow efficiency

Managing a new PET production facility using PETra

6 July 2023

Örebro University Hospital in Sweden has chosen LabLogic’s PET LIMS for its new radiopharmacy to supply F-18 for its PET/CT cameras

LabLogic launches new online training platform for software and instrumentation

14 February 2023

The Training Resources Portal is an interactive platform with dedicated courses and exercises for Laura, PETra, and associated instrumentation

Quality Control of Gallium-68 with LabLogic’s dedicated PET LIMS

16 January 2023

PETra has been chosen by the Medical University of Białystok's Department of Biopharmacy and Radiopharmacy to manage radiopharmaceuticals

Modernising PET production with PETra

30 November 2022

Turku PET Centre in Finland chooses LabLogic’s LIMS to manage its radiopharmacy. Find out what Sarita Forsback, Development Manager, had to say

Remote management of multiple PET radiopharmacies with PETra

15 November 2022

LabLogic’s PET LIMS software allows Qualified Persons to securely access batch information for certification and release

LabLogic becomes the leading PET radiopharmacy LIMS provider in Sweden

5 April 2022

University hospitals in Lund and Gothenburg join other Swedish radiopharmacies in modernising PET radiotracer production. Click to find out more

Evergreen Theragnostics choose Orla and LabLogic’s integrated solutions

25 January 2022

Evergreen Theragnostics have chosen LabLogic for LIMS, radiochromatography software, and QC equipment

Introducing Orla: NEW online radiopharmaceutical order communication system

20 January 2022

LabLogic’s newest software allows customers to order radiopharmaceuticals directly with suppliers

Europe’s first Tracer-QC installation

5 January 2022

LabLogic have just installed Europe’s first Tracer-QC at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway

Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Odense University Hospital

14 September 2021

We're pleased to announce three new PETra sites; the third is Odense University Hospital.

Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Regionshospitalet Herning

14 September 2021

We're pleased to announce three new PETra sites; the second is Regionshospitalet Herning.

Three new PETra sites in Denmark: Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet

14 September 2021

We're pleased to announce three new PETra sites; the first is Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet.

SNMMI - We miss you! But we're available for demos

9 June 2021

Don't forget we're available for virtual demonstrations for all our nuclear medicine solutions, click here to book. 

(Video) See the new inventory report feature in PETra PET LIMS

12 May 2021

Watch our video to see the new inventory report feature in PETra, click to watch. 

PETra PET LIMS - Making life in the lab easier at Karolinska

14 April 2021

"The more we use PETra, the easier everything is in the labs." Read what else the team at Karolinska University Hospital say about PETra. 

LabLogic celebrates record year for PETra PET LIMS

14 January 2021

In 2020 we celebrated a record year for PETra PET LIMS. Click to read more. 

Taking PETra to Trondheim: a brand new PET facility at St. Olavs Hospital

10 November 2020

St. Olavs set up a new PET production facility in 2018, click to read about how they use PETra. 

Book a virtual one-to-one demo with LabLogic

14 October 2020

Don't miss out on a one-to-one demo, book a session now. 

LabLogic announces partnership with Hull Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC)

8 October 2020

LabLogic to supply Hull MIRC with a PET QC solution including Tracer-QC, PETra and SPECTra, click to read more.

Why choose LabLogic as your UK LIMS provider

30 September 2020

LabLogic has many years of experience developing LIMS packages used in highly-regulated environments. Click to read more about SPECTra. 

LabLogic launches PETra PET LIMS Advisory Committee

15 September 2020

LabLogic has launched a new committee to drive forward the development of PETra collaboratively with key users, click to find out more. 

Did you miss the PETra PET LIMS webinar series?

27 August 2020

Catch up now on the six-part PETra PET LIMS webinar series.

We're hosting a PETra LIMS Webinar Series

18 June 2020

We're hosting a Mini Webinar series about PETra, our industry-standard PET LIMS solution, click to sign up. 

PETra is the go-to LIMS in Europe

10 June 2020

The University Hospital of Umeå is the latest PET facility in Europe to invest in PETra, read the full announcement. 

NEW: Calendar View in PETra PET LIMS

25 March 2020

Check out LabLogic’s latest development of PETra, our market leading PET LIMS software. Find out more here. 

POSTPONED - LabLogic Radiopharmacy Open Day Monday 16th March

11 March 2020

LabLogic's Radiopharmacy Open Day on Monday 16th March has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

New Amsterdam facility chooses PETra PET LIMS

5 February 2020

BV Cyclotron VU in Amsterdam is the latest to choose PETra as its PET Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Find out more here.

Future-proofing your radiopharmacy: the importance of integration

9 January 2020

SPECTra and PETra LIMS packages directly interface with a comprehensive range of QC equipment. Read more here

PETra - the LIMS of choice at Leiden University Medical Center

20 November 2019

Leiden University Medical Center chose PETra PET LIMS to manage data in a new GMP facility. Click to read more.

Make sure your software is Windows 10 ready

19 November 2019

Microsoft is due to end support for Windows 7 early next year, so upgrading to Windows 10 is recommended. Click to read more.

The new PETra PET LIMS Report Designer update is now available

5 November 2019

The new PETra update provides a fresh-look Report Designer and an increase in speed when saving reports. Click to read more. 

LabLogic holds PETra PET LIMS User Group

14 October 2019

We held our fifth PETra User Group last month, click to read more about the meeting. 

Book your place for the PETra User Group Meeting 2019

1 May 2019

LabLogic would like to invite you to the 4th PETra User Group Meeting 2019 taking place ahead of this year's EANM in Barcelona. Click to find out more information. 

LabLogic announces deal with global leader in PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing

18 September 2018

LabLogic announces deal with SOFIE Inc., a global leader in PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing to deploy its PET LIMS, PETra

Tromso and Trondheim choose PET QC solution & PETra

18 April 2018

LabLogic's PET QC solution and PET LIMS software, PETra,  have been supplied to two world leading facilities in Norway.  LabLogic's off-the-shelf solutions can help to address whatever requirements you may have for your PET facility. Find out more. 

Unrivalled Radiopharmaceutical Batch Reporting Capabilities in PETra

13 February 2018

The Batch Record is the key, central document in any radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility and is heavily scrutinised. PETra, a PET-LIMS software system provides a solution for removing unnecessary issues  and reducing the risks which paper-based systems can bring. Find out more. 

The new combined PET/SPECT Radio-TLC Scanner and MCA

15 November 2017

The new Scan-RAM MCA combines a PET/SPECT Radio-TLC Scanner and Multichannel Analyser, providing accurate and reproducible results. 

A radiopharmacy LIMS with a pedigree second to none

15 November 2017

Introducing SPECTra, a purpose built radiopharmacy LIMS from the world's leading PET LIMS provider designed to improve efficiency and compliance within your radiopharmacy. 

A successful PETra User Group in Vienna

31 October 2017

Before EANM 17, LabLogic held a PETra User Group, connecting worldwide delegates to discuss topics such as batch reporting, quality management systems & regulatory compliance in PETra.

Data Integrity and a true PET LIMS

31 January 2017

LabLogic are incorporating the relevant, specific features into PETra which enable our customers to be compliant in the key area of Data Integrity.

GMP compliance with help from the experts

8 December 2016

LabLogic recognises that GMP compliance is no straightforward task, it requires a good understanding of GMP principles, document requirements and their application in a radiopharmacy setting.

A PET LIMS configured to your exact requirements

12 October 2016

Choosing the correct PET LIMS configuration is not a straightforward task, with so many different options, modules and services to choose from. To streamline this process LabLogic have created four off-the-shelf packages of PETra - our dedicated PET LIMS system - which are designed to meet a range of typical customer requirements.

Servicing Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

9 August 2016

LabLogic has recently been establishing a significant client base in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. Projects, involving installation of a full range of QC instrumentation for analysis of multiple PET products have recently been completed in Kuopio, Finland, in Linköping, Sweden and now in Tallinn, Estonia.

Book your place at the PETra User Group Meeting in San Diego

12 May 2016

Our next PETra User Group Meeting is due to take place in San Diego on Saturday 11th June just prior to the SNMMI 2016 Annual Meeting.

Ian Oxley joins the LabLogic team

2 May 2016

Ian Oxley recently joined LabLogic to manage and provide support for the implementation of PET QC systems worldwide, and particularly those involving PETra.

Former Triad Isotopes VP explains reasons for investing in PETra

23 March 2016

Dave Wilson former Vice President of PET operations at Triad Isotopes shared his reasons for converting to LabLogic's leading PET LIMS software PETra.

PETra: A platform for multiple languages

17 March 2016

As PET radiopharmaceutical production continues to grow worldwide, the need for a multi-lingual system to control data throughout the laboratory becomes more evident.

PETra User Group Meeting, San Diego

9 March 2016

This summer LabLogic will be holding another of its popular PETra User Group Meetings. The event will be taking place in San Diego on Saturday 11th June just prior to the SNMMI 2016 Annual Meeting.

BC Cancer Agency Invests in PETra

24 February 2016

The BC Cancer Agency, which provides a comprehensive cancer control program for the people of British Columbia (pop. 4.7M) in partnership with regional health authorities, has chosen to invest in LabLogic’s PETra PET LIMS software for its PET Cyclotron/Radiopharmacy facility in Vancouver, Canada.

Streamlining the process and improving efficiency with PETra

15 December 2015

A huge benefit to implementing a fit-for-purpose LIMS system is that it significantly improves efficiency. Users of PETra, the leading PET LIMS system, have reported efficiency improvements of up to 30%.

Choosing a proven PET LIMS pays dividends

4 November 2015

Choosing a proven provider who knows PET radiopharmaceutical production really pays dividends. Lablogic's PETra is the perfect solution.

PET laboratory products that deliver

5 November 2014

LabLogic's range of specialist radio-TLC and radio-HPLC instruments are in use in clinical and preclinical facilities throughout the world. Designed to be used in isolation or as part of a wider network, they are driven by bespoke Laura for PET software which not only controls the instruments individually but can also link to and control other equipment used in quality control during the production of radiopharmaceuticals.

Washington University start to see the benefit of PETra

9 October 2014

The Washington University School of Medicine is starting to see the benefits associated with implementing a PET LIMS system following the installation of PETra at their combined Nuclear Pharmacy and Radionuclide production facility.

PETra becomes a global success

2 September 2014

LabLogic's PET LIMS system PETra is proving to be a global hit following successful installations in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Triad Isotopes implement PETra into all PET manufacturing facilities

2 June 2014

LabLogic today announced it has completed the implementation process of the PET LIMS system, PETra, within the PET manufacturing facilities of Triad Isotopes.

LabLogic's Scan-RAM helps simplify labelled radiopharmaceutical production at New Cross Hospital

6 August 2013

The Scan-RAM is proving to be an indispensable instrument for hospital radiopharmacy departments throughout the NHS.

Supporting PET in Scandinavia

19 March 2013

PET specialists from across Scandinavia and beyond will be gathering in Sweden later this week for the region's annual radiochemistry meeting.

More acclaim for Scan-RAM from Czech PET facility

8 February 2012

The PET Centre in Brno has added to the growing positive feedback about LabLogic’s Scan-RAM radio TLC scanner for PET and SPECT.

LabLogic detectors and software aid PET /SPECT collaboration

8 February 2012

Two healthcare organisations in Grenoble, France, are using LabLogic’'s Laura radio-chromatography system and instrumentation sourced from the same company to enhance their ability to work closely together.

Radiochromatography system installed at eleven PET production sites

15 December 2011

When IBA were looking for a new radiochromatography system to replace legacy software in all eleven of its FDG PET production facilities across America, they had a number of clear requirements.

Software demonstrations made easy

16 November 2011

LabLogic Systems has made it easier than ever to see demonstrations of its software for drug metabolism, PET and radio-chemistry.

'Two in one' radio scanner/detector fits the budget (and the bench)

18 October 2011

LabLogic'’s new combined Scan-RAM Radio-TLC scanner and Radio-HPLC flow through detector is already winning praise from university researchers for its money-saving ‘two in one’ characteristics.

Turnkey PET QC solution on show at 2011 EANM Congress

10 October 2011

PET radiopharmaceutical professionals setting up or upgrading a complete QC laboratory to comply with imminent FDA regulations can see all the equipment and services they need on the LabLogic Systems stand at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress 2011 (Birmingham, UK, 15 to 19 October).

Find out how to meet the PET deadline at ISRS Meeting

19 August 2011

Visitors at the 19th International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (Amsterdam, 28th August - 2nd September) can find out how LabLogic Systems' PETra LIMS can ensure their batch records for PET radiopharmaceuticals comply with new FDA regulations by the deadline at the end of this year.

How can PETra help you maintain your batch records for PET radiopharmaceuticals in an efficient and compliant manner?

19 May 2011

PETra, LabLogic's LIMS for PET facilities, compiles all the relevant information for every product batch into a single report by interfacing with all of the equipment in PET facilities.

PET / SPECT products on show in Denmark

21 March 2011

From the 24th to 25th March radiochromatography specialist LabLogic Systems will be at the 2011 Danish Radiochemistry Meeting in Odense to explain the benefits of the products it has developed specifically for PET and SPECT applications.

PET LIMS on show at target chemistry workshop

20 July 2010

From 25th to 28th July, LabLogic Systems will be exhibiting at the Thirteenth International Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry in Roskilde, Denmark.

LIMS makes PET raw material tracking easy

8 July 2010

PETra, the new PET process management LIMS from LabLogic Systems, has the cure for one of the industry’s biggest quality headaches - maintaining up-to-date records of the components that make up each radiopharmaceutical.

New cGMP-compliant PET LIMS ready to roll in Copenhagen

8 June 2010

LabLogic Systems has completed the first installation of the new LIMS it has developed specifically for PET research and manufacturing.

PET cGMP heads-up at SNM Annual Meeting

13 April 2010

At this year'’s Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting (June 5th - 9th Salt Lake City, Utah), LabLogic Systems will be offering the opportunity to discuss the solution that will address the cGMP requirements.

PET LIMS to be demonstrated at nuclear medicine congress

25 September 2009

PET professionals who want to simplify the control of their production facilities will have another opportunity to see a Laboratory Information System tailor-made for their purposes at the 2009 European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress in Barcelona from the 10th to 14th October.

LabLogic sweeps the board in PET and nuclear medicine radiopharmaceutical QC

26 August 2009

LabLogic's MiniScan radio TLC scanner and Laura radiochromatography software are products of choice in PET and nuclear medicine departments in Northern Ireland and Eire.

PET LIMS on show at SNM meeting

9 June 2009

PETra, LabLogic System's new Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for PET facilities will be on view at the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s Annual Meeting (Stand 1532).

Webcast showcases LIMS for PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing

16 April 2009

LabLogic Systems is offering a webinar of particular interest to PET professionals seeking a Laboratory Information Management System designed specifically for their needs.

Ship more doses and shuffle less paper with new PET LIMS

6 October 2008

PETra, the new LIMS from LabLogic Systems, is custom-built to save time and reduce error in the production of 18FDG and other PET radiopharmaceuticals.

LabLogic/INUS 2008 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group

12 February 2008

We are pleased to confirm the dates and location for our 2008 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group. The event will be held at the San Diego Hilton, San Diego, USA, on the 9th and 10th October 2008.

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