NEW: Calendar View in PETra PET LIMS

25 March 2020

New Calendar View added in PETra PET LIMS latest update

Following feedback from PETra customers and after last year’s PETra User Group in Barcelona, LabLogic has added new functionality in the latest release of PETra (2.1.3).

Calendar View allows users to see upcoming tasks in a familiar calendar-style layout, including:

  • User Training and Training Expiry Dates
  • View Inventory Expiry information including Storage Location
  • View CAPA Expected Completion and Extended Completion
  • View SOP Publish, Review, and Expiry Dates
  • View Instrument Performance Tests

Items are categorised and colour-coded depending on the task type and users can toggle the different categories on and off to make their calendar easier to view.

This added functionality will make it easier for PETra customers to visualise upcoming tasks and make their daily workflow and planning even more efficient.


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