Watch the new demonstration of the Scan-RAM range

21 April 2020

New video for Scan-RAM radio-TLC range 

Watch our latest video demonstrating the innovative Scan-RAM range. Versatile and compact, the Scan-RAM radio-TLC scanner is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern laboratory.

Learn more about the Scan-RAM features and benefits 

In the video, learn more about the features of the Scan-RAM and how it is designed to meet the needs of a busy radiopharmacy.

Several models are available -

  • Scan-RAM TLC - radio-TLC scanner with one or two interchangeable detectors
  • Scan-RAM MCA - radio-TLC scanner with a multi-channel analyser (MCA)
  • Dual Scan-RAM - radio-TLC scanner and an independent radio-HPLC detector

The Scan-RAM is fully controlled by our market-leading radio chromatography package Laura for PET, providing accurate and reproducible results for radiochemical purity measurements.

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