Enhanced dynamic range with the Hidex Sense

15 October 2020

Discover Autogain – Since launch, the Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader has always had enhanced dynamic range - for each well!

What is the dynamic range?

The dynamic range of a microplate reader refers to the difference between the lowest and the highest signal that it is capable of being detected in a single run of a plate. The smaller this range is the more restricted the assay will be.

Why is a large dynamic range important?

If you are trying to capture data beyond the instrument's range at lower concentrations, the reader will not be able to differentiate between your low samples and the background/blanks.

Conversely, at high sample concentrations, the detector will saturate. As a consequence, you will lose sensitivity for your assay.

Many plate readers on the market require the need to adjust the gain on either a ‘high sample’ or ‘low sample’ prior to reading your plate. As a result, you have to read your plate more than once to be able to detect both limits of the range, which is time-consuming and doesn’t work if your assay is kinetic.

How does the Hidex Sense work?

To truly improve dynamic range, the Hidex Sense utilises a feature called autogain. This autogain capability automatically adjusts the lamp power for each well. As a user, you do not have to do anything. Before each well measurement, one extra flash is generated to check the signal level.

The flash lamp is then automatically adjusted accordingly to this initial signal. The well result is then automatically normalised to the actual lamp power.

By adjusting the gain for each well, the Hidex Sense reaches true inter-plate dynamic range expansion, compared to common gain adjustment which is only adjusting the dynamic window within a plate.

Overall this feature allows for easy and simplified measurement set up and ensures reliable detection for a large range of concentrations – perfect for assay development!


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