Hidex e-book: Liquid Scintillation Measuring Procedures

13 October 2020

Stay up to date with the latest developments in liquid scintillation counting with a comprehensive online handbook from Hidex

The handbook comprises of three sections - Introduction to Liquid Scintillation Counting, Measuring Procedures, and Quality Assurance and Uncertainty Budget.

It contains the most important contemporary radioanalytical procedures applying this modern measuring technology. Additionally, it serves as a manual for the determination of radioisotopes by LS.

Introduction to LSC

This section focuses on the basic fundamentals of liquid scintillation counting, what is required for liquid scintillation counting, how to overcome issues such as quenching and also the mechanisms of the instrument and how it differs to traditional scintillation counters.

Measuring Procedures

Here you will find how to calibrate the instrument as well as advice on how to measure various isotopes through different applications including tritium via distillation and also how to detect the Cerenkov isotopes.

Quality Assurance and Uncertainty Budget

This section explains how the instrument’s detection limits are calculated and also explores the areas which are susceptible to a margin of error.


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