LabLogic announces partnership with Hull Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC)

8 October 2020

LabLogic to supply Hull Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC) with a PET QC solution

In one of its biggest UK PET projects to date, LabLogic is supplying a complete PET QC solution including Tracer-QC, PETra and SPECTra to the brand new Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC) at Castle Hill Hospital.

The pioneering research centre is a partnership led by the Daisy Appeal between Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Hull.

An expansion of world-class facilities

Aiming to lead nationally and internationally, the MIRC will support the diagnosis of cancer and heart disease by providing doctors with the diagnostic tools needed to do so.

The MIRC is an expansion of world-class facilities at the university and hospital and will increase cutting-edge scientific and medical research for clinical applications. The centre will produce radioactive isotope injections for PET-CT and it will also be the first facility in the UK to have a GE Healthcare MiniCyclotron. 

Currently under construction, the centre will produce FDG and other diagnostic, therapeutic and research radiotracers in collaboration with the University of Hull. Daily production will include PET tracers for PET/CT Scanners at Castle Hill Hospital. 

"LabLogic have been excellent partners in developing the optimum PET QC solution"

Professor Steve Archibald, Professor in Molecular Imaging and Director of the Positron Emission Tomography Research Centre, said: “Our aim in the MIRC is to innovate in all aspects of GMP radiotracer production. LabLogic provides the latest internationally leading commercial solutions to streamline radiotracer validation and meet regulatory requirements.

“LabLogic have been excellent partners in developing the optimum PET QC solution for our needs. Our desire to innovate was matched by their knowledge, ambition and access to the latest commercial technology.

“We look forward to using this technology to develop an integrated production facility for radiopharmaceuticals to be used in patient care and clinical trials.” 

A brand new PET production facility

The MIRC will house state-of-the-art facilities including a brand new PET production facility in which LabLogic’s PET LIMS software PETra will be used to manage data in a compliant manner.

The SPECT radiopharmacy at MIRC will replace the current facility at Hull Royal Infirmary and benefit from SPECTra to manage manufacturing. 

First UK installation of Tracer-QC for automated quality control of PET/SPECT radiotracers

The centre will also be the first UK installation of Tracer-QC, LabLogic’s radical solution for automated quality control of PET radiotracers.

Tracer-QC has been developed in partnership with Trace-Ability Inc., and utilises an optical plate reader, a pipetting robot and single-use consumable kits.


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