(Application note) Next Generation Wound Healing Assays with Livecyte

17 February 2021

Read the new application note by Phasefocus 

The Livecyte kinetic cytometer from Phasefocus produces exceptionally high contrast time-lapse videos using  Ptychographic Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) technology for a range of label-free assays with or without up to seven channels of complementary fluorescence.

The below video shows two regions of a simple wound healing assay. All the cells are individually segmented and tracked. This information can be used to determine single cell average migration speeds as shown at the end.

Interested in scratch wound analysis? 

Read the Phasefocus Application Note: Next Generation Wound Healing Assays to learn more about: 

  • Overcoming the limitations of confluence-based scratch wound analysis
  • Extracting additional migration metrics in the form of cell speed and directionality
  • Building comprehensive cell migration profiles through Livecyte’s Scratch Wound Dashboard

More scratch wound videos

In this video, watch a simple wound healing assay that has been segmented and tracked in Phasefocus's Analyse software.

In this video, we colour our cell trails by their velocity to highlight how dynamic even a single cell’s behaviour is. 


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