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19 April 2021

We hope you're enjoying learning more about Laura 

The next session about data integrity is taking place on Thursday 22nd April at 3pm BST. 

Previous webinars have been uploaded to the Laura product page and are listed in the table below, where you can make sure you're signed up for the rest of the series.

Webinar What will be covered? Date
#1: Introduction to Laura 6 software An overview of the latest evolution of Laura software

Thursday 25th February

Watch the recording here

#2: New report designer in Laura 6 An overview of the totally new report designer function in Laura 6

Thursday 25th March

Watch the recording here

#3: Data integrity functions  A look at the ways in which Laura 6 enables you to comply with the latest requirements in data integrity Thursday 22nd April
#4: Single point of control solution in Laura A look at the advantages Laura software offers as a single point of control solution for Radiochromatography Thursday 20th May 
#5: Data analysis using Laura How the many tools in Laura software can help you extract information from your Radiochromatography data Thursday 24th June 

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