Logi-CHROM ONE: Our NEW Integrated all-in-one radio-HPLC system

16 June 2021

Our NEW Integrated all-in-one radio-HPLC system

Logi-CHROM ONE has been developed specifically for PET/SPECT quality control, providing a simple solution for radiochemical purity testing with a significantly reduced footprint.

We've used our experience and expertise in supplying radio-HPLC systems to nuclear medicine environments to develop a simple to use solution for Ga-68 labelled PET tracers.

Logi-CHROM ONE includes the most common HPLC modules in one compact system:

  • Low Pressure Gradient Quaternary Pump
  • UV Detector
  • Flow-RAM Radio Detector

Plug and play solution

Logi-CHROM ONE can simply be placed on a bench, plugged into the optionally supplied workstation and put to use. It is a simple solution whereby installation can be done remotely by the user with little experience.


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