VIDEO: Using the Phasefocus Livecyte in cancer and vascular research at Texas Tech University

24 November 2022

Dr. Constantinos Mikelis and Dr. Ulrich Bickel share their experiences with the kinetic cytometer in their core imaging facility

The Phasefocus Livecyte kinetic cytometer has been installed at Texas Tech University’s core imaging facility at the Amarillo Research Building. Dr. Constantinos Mikelis, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Dr. Ulrich Bickel, Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, have been using the Livecyte in cancer and vascular research in pharmaceutical sciences. They’ve shared their thoughts in Phasefocus’ most recent video.

At Texas Tech’s core imaging facility, researchers have been working in medicinal chemistry, drug development, toxicology, and angiogenesis development. The Livecyte has been used to observe cancer growth phases and develop monolayers in serial cells.

Observing cell growth without influencing cell metabolism

Dr. Mikelis and Dr. Ulrich explain how their requirement for a cell imager that could perform live cell imaging to observe cell growth in culture for prolonged periods without influencing cell metabolism could only be fulfilled by the Livecyte. It is unique in that it uses low-intensity light and can be used without fluorescence, eliminating the need to introduce potentially toxic dyes.

As Dr. Mikelis identifies in the video, it is very difficult to quantify and perform single-cell analysis visually and manually, but Livecyte does this automatically. It allows researchers to generate a significant amount of statistical data in a limited time and because the Livecyte can be used in a broad range of applications and experiments, it is an ideal instrument for a core imaging facility.

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You can learn more about the Livecyte’s capabilities by watching the latest video from Phasefocus or clicking the button below to request a guided demonstration with a product specialist.


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