Controlling liquid scintillation counters using external computers

5 January 2023

Hidex MikroWin’s advanced spectrum analysis highlighting triple and double count spectrums for a sample

Hidex’s MikroWin software version 5.62 is fully compatible with Windows 11

Hidex is the only manufacturer of liquid scintillation counters whose software is fully compatible with Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest major release. Hidex’s MikroWin version 5.62 can be run on any external desktop, whereas other manufacturers use internal computers that are integrated into the liquid scintillation counter itself.

This can present problems if there is a fault with the internal computer, as it prevents the user from operating the instrument as well. Being able to use an external desktop to manage your instruments allows MikroWin software to be easily updated with new releases and is compatible with Microsoft’s latest security features introduced in Windows 11.

Three Photomultiplier Tubes are better than two

The Hidex 600 SLe and 300 SL are revolutionary liquid scintillation counters that use three PMTs as opposed to two like traditional counters use. This is called Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio. TDCR allows them to calculate counting efficiency, which correlates to quenching and eliminates the need for an internal radiation source with associated hazards, such as disposal, exposure during operation and servicing, and transportation restrictions. You can find out more about TDCR here.

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