VIDEO: Complete PET-QC in just 5 clicks with Tracer-QC

15 June 2023

No pen touches paper from sample to report using this automated single-instrument solution

Traditional Quality Control and release testing of PET radiotracers is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and still dependent on manual procedures and subjective assessments. But Tracer-QC has reduced the complete PET-QC process to just 5 clicks of a mouse button. Developed in partnership between LabLogic and Trace-Ability, Tracer-QC is an automated single-instrument solution that has already been installed at sites in the US, Norway, and Egypt, with upcoming installations at a leading research facility in the UK.

Tracer-QC allows you to prepare a batch for analysis in 5 easy steps.

  1. Click the relevant Method to choose the Method validated for the radiotracer to be released.
  2. Scan the QR code of the consumables kit and click Proceed.
  3. Install the kit and click Start Prep which checks the proper installation of the kit.
  4. Click Start Cold which prepares the system for analysis.
  5. Deliver the QC sample in a closed pig, close the shield, and click Start Hot which begins the completely automated QC process.

Tracer-QC will then mix the sample and standards with indicator reagents and analyse mixtures against a set of predefined and validated specifications without any further user input. A single page report with results on all QC parameters is automatically produced in the same time taken when using traditional manual methodologies.

It really is that simple.

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You can learn more about Tracer-QC and its automation of the PET-QC process by watching our latest video or by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist.


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