Automated radiopharmaceutical dispensing and infusion

21 September 2023

The KARL100 is an automated radiopharmaceutical dispensing and infusion system for PET

It is compatible with multiple tracers, including many commonly used isotopes such as Flourine-18, Lutetium-177, and Gallium-68. By supporting a wide range of medical radioisotopes with consistent safety standards, the KARL100 allows PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine facilities to deliver therapy and diagnosis for improved patient outcomes.

Full lead pot compatibility

The KARL100 has full lead pot compatibility. It is the only dispensing and infusion system available that can accommodate any lead pot and vial sizes. This eliminates the need for radiopharmacies to change their SOPs, meaning the KARL100 can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes.

Remote radiopharmaceutical infusion

The KARL100 separates the dispensing process from the injection process, eliminating the need to move the main unit to the patient room. Infusions can be performed remotely or manually using the RAD-Inject, an automated lightweight injector for gamma and beta emitters, which can be carried to the uptake room. By using multiple RAD-injects, sites are able to inject multiple patients simultaneously. The small size of the RAD-inject reduces patient anxiety.

Maintaining purity and sterility of radiopharmaceuticals

The KARL100 maintains the purity and sterility of radiopharmaceuticals using an in-line 0.22 µm filter that screens the incoming activity from the bulk vial. Additionally, the KARL100 features a dedicated vented area with a Class A Laminar Flow for syringe connection and filling, ensuring that all operations are carried out in sterile conditions.

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