Karl 100 multi-dose administration system

The Karl 100 is the most complete and safest Class A radiopharmaceutical dose administration system available on the international market with six major benefits. 

MRI compatible and multi-tracer compatible

The Karl 100 is MRI compatible and multi-tracer compatible.

Karl 100 multi-dose administration system benefits 


The Karl 100 can handle and automatically uncap any major lead pig and vial brand model. The Karl 100 draws all of the source vial activity up to the last drop! Also, it grants a clear-cut dispensing, even for an extremely high incoming activity concentration, thanks to an automatic dilution of the main activity.

Patient safety

The Karl 100 keeps radiopharmaceuticals sterile. Your patient is never connected to the multi-dose mother vial: there is no risk of patient-to-patient contamination. Each single syringe is automatically connected to the main disposable set within an isolated vented box with a filtered and controlled atmosphere (Class A). Incoming activity from multi-dose vial is filtered through an inline 0.22 micron filter. No risk of an overdose.

Operator safety

Uncapping of the lead pot and perforation of the multi dose vial septum are performed automatically, as well as the dose drawing from the vial, within the fully shielded compartment for full operator protection throughout the whole process. A specific study performed with an innovative dose rate monitor (Aegis ED3) proved a significant decrease of the staff doses using Karl 100.


Carry only 1Kg mini-injectors. The operator may carry only light and portable mini-injectors to each injection room, allowing dose preparations and multiple infusions simultaneously (time-friendly) and reducing patient anxiety during dose administration by using only these very compact individual mini-injectors (patient-friendly).


Possibility to dispense and inject different medical radios: 18F – 11C – 177Lu – 90Y – 223Ra – 68Ga -64Cu

No radiopharmaceutical waste

The Karl 100 avoids any pharmaceutical waste either for line priming or wrong dose dispensing. Radiopharmaceuticals can be recovered at any time.

Karl 100 multi-dose administration system features

  • Automatic connection of the syringe to the main disposable set within a GMP Class A, HEPA filtered atmosphere
  • Incoming activity from multi dose vial filtered through an in-line 0.22 micron filter
  • No risk of patient-to-patient contamination / No risk of accidental overdose
  • Handling and automatic uncapping of the lead pig for any major brand pig/vial model  combination
  • Automatic perforation of the multi dose vial septum
  • Max concentration of incoming activity: no limits
  • Max incoming PET Radiopharmaceutical volume: 40 mL
  • Volumetric Dose Dispensing Precision: +/- 2.0 %
  • Provided with built-in GM tube, for continuous record of dosimetry safety monitoring
  • GAMP5, 21 CFR part11 compliant control software provided with:
    • User-Friendly touch-screen total control interface
    • Configurable weight based dose calculation algorithm for patient dose optimization
  • Cabled / WiFi Ethernet connection for allowing efficient internet communication for trouble-shooting and (Optional) data exchange with PET/NM departmental management software
  • Remote control of the system, by use of a (Optional) commercial tablet
  • Motorized Drive for moving the dose drawing machine easily
  • Battery with 8-hours working time with 100% recharging in only 2 hours!

Dosimetry Data at rest (in µSv/h):

Incoming PET activity Surface 5 cms from Surface 10 cms from Surface 30 cms from Surface
700 mCi 12,00 7,11 4,72 1,0
750 mCi 12,78 7,62 5,06 1,07
800 mCi 13,63 8,13 5,40 1,14
1 Ci 16,00 8,5 6,47 1,5
1,5 Ci 25,5 15,20 10,12 3,33
2,0 Ci 34,70 20,03 13,49 4,44

Karl 100 multi-dose administration system dimensions and characteristics 

Mini injector

Weight: 1.1 Kg (2.4 lb)
Length: 16.3 cm (6.4“)
Class 2b (CE 0476) Medical Device
Power Supply: Lithium Battery

Dose drawing machine

Weight: 445 Kg (981 lbs)
Dimensions: 54(w) x 116(d) x 107(h) cm (21” x 45” x 42”)
Power Supply: 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz + Built-in Lithium Battery
Power Requirement: Max 300 Watts
Class 1m (CE 0476) Medical Device

Karl 100 multi-dose administration system existing customers 

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Alliance Medical, Guildford, UK

Alliance Medical Limited has recently chosen the Karl100 Multi-Dose Administration System for their radiotracer dispensing at their new Guildford PET-CT Centre. The system, set to be installed later this year, will go into the state-of-the-art facility based at Surrey Research Park.

In partnership with the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, the centre will help reach more patients by increasing scanning capacity and reducing waiting times. The Karl100 will be used primarily for FDG PET-CT scans and will greatly help with both operator and patient safety.


Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK

Charing Cross Hospital has recently had a Tema Sinergie Karl100 multi-dose administration system installed in their Imaging Department. The unit will be used to inject patients with radiotracers prior to PET scans.

We spoke with Luis Alves, PET Modality Lead in the Imaging Department, to find out how the Karl100 has improved departmental safety and patient care.



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