Phasefocus release their new Livecyte T-cell killing assay

14 September 2023

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This revolutionary new assay by Phasefocus addresses key challenges faced by researchers in investigating the efficacy and cytotoxicity of engineered T-cells in killing target cancers. By offering unparalleled insights at the single-cell level, the Livecyte kinetic cytometer empowers researchers to unlock new pathways in cancer therapy development and evaluation.

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Bridging the gap between in-vitro and in-vivo T-cell therapy performance

Current live cell imaging assays lack the ability to provide comprehensive and accurate insights into the dynamics and history of effector-target cell interactions. Existing solutions focus on population-level analysis and target cell death without exploring the effector interactions leading to death, leaving researchers with limited direct understanding of T-cell efficacy. Consequently, the gap between in-vitro and in-vivo T-cell therapy performance remains a significant challenge.

The lack of precise single-cell data prevents researchers from fully understanding the intricacies of T-cell-target cell interactions, hindering the development of robust and reliable T-cell therapies. The failure of many T-cell therapies in in-vivo models and clinical studies underscores the pressing need for an in-vitro model that accurately recapitulates in-vivo T-cell behaviour.

Advanced segmentation and tracking algorithms

Livecyte revolutionises T-cell killing assays by introducing advanced segmentation and tracking algorithms, enabling the automatic segmentation of target cells and label-free effector T-cells. Through this cutting-edge technology, Livecyte accurately tracks target cells over time, creating unique interaction profiles from the beginning of the experiment until target cell death.

Livecyte’s T-Cell Dashboard view compiles comprehensive metrics based on these interaction profiles, providing an array of information that summarises T-cell cytotoxicity and target cell recognition. Researchers gain a deeper understanding of T-cell-target cell avidity independently from attack potency, yielding greater depth of insight into how T-cells find and kill their targets.

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