Explore the new Scan-RAM 2 range of r-TLC scanners in our latest video

24 October 2023

Watch as we demonstrate the advanced features of the next generation of radiochromatography equipment

With the recent launch of the new Scan-RAM 2, Product Specialist and Executive Vice President, LabLogic Inc., Victor Tchiprout demonstrates what’s new with the most advanced radio-TLC scanner available for Nuclear Medicine applications. Available in 5 different models combining radio-TLC scanning, radio-HPLC detection, and gamma spectrometry, Victor also talks through the range and their respective features.

New smart detectors for improved counting efficiency

A brand new range of cableless detectors has been introduced with improved sensitivity, including Silicon Photomultipliers, or SiPMs, with Peltier cooling for consistent performance. This delivers up to 50% improvement in counting efficiency for radiochemical purity measurements of 18F-FDG. All detectors are interchangeable and automatically recognised and optimised depending on the radionuclide being used.

18F-FDG radiochromatogram comparing Scan-RAM 1 with PMT/plastic scintillator detector (yellow) to Scan-RAM 2 with SiPM/plastic scintillator detector (green).

A range of configurations

In addition to the standard radio-TLC scanner, Scan-RAM 2 is available in four other configurations that can be paired with different detectors, making it suitable for both high and low levels of radioactivity.

  • The standard Scan-RAM 2 is a single-detector TLC scanner, which provides accurate results for radiochemical purity testing.
  • If you’re working with a wide range of isotopes, the Scan-RAM 2 Duo has space for two detectors of different scintillator types meaning that the most suitable detector is always available.
  • The Scan-RAM 2 MCA is ideal if you need to combine radiochemical purity testing and radionuclidic identity combines a multichannel analyser with a dedicated detector into one system.
  • The Scan-RAM 2 Dual has a single radio-TLC detector and a radio-HPLC detector, saving valuable bench space. For radio HPLC detection, the eluent line runs through a lead shield and is measured by a sperate detector, which operates independently from the radio-TLC, and therefore both analyses can be run simultaneously.
  • The new Scan-RAM 2 All-in-One combines the functionality of a radio-TLC scanner, a radio HPLC detector, and a gamma spectrometer in one highly flexible system.

Complete a measurement in just 2 clicks with Laura’s new quick start wizard

All Scan-RAMs are controlled by LabLogic’s market-leading software, Laura, which is used in hundreds of radiopharmacies worldwide. The new quick start wizard has an intuitive user interface that simply requires only 2 clicks to complete your run.

Laura has all the features required for regulatory compliance along with many unique features such as a configurable pass-and-fail criteria, automatic peak finder, and half-life correction. It can also be used as a single point of control for HPLCs and GCs from a variety of manufacturers as well as the Hidex range of gamma and scintillation counters.

Find out more

You can learn more about the new Scan-RAM 2 range by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly and requesting a guided demonstration.


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