Introducing automated bubble point testing with LabLogic’s Filter Integrity Tester

28 May 2024

Watch how our new benchtop unit supersedes manual methodology in our latest video

Syringe filters are used exhaustively in the production of radioisotopes to ensure that no microbiological contamination exists in the radiopharmaceuticals. Historically, this has relied on manual methodology and human operation which can lead to errors such as subjective reading of the pressure gauge by the user, transcription errors, and mistaking bubbles caused by water displacement as the actual bubble point pressure.

LabLogic is pleased to announce our new Filter Integrity Tester or FIT for short. In this latest video, Product Specialist Noah Wilkins gives a practical demonstration, showing how the FIT can perform both a pressure hold test and bubble point test in two minutes or less.

Removing operator subjectivity and reducing radiation exposure

Continuing with our reputation for compact instruments with reduced footprints, the FIT is a fully automated benchtop unit that tests the patency of syringe filters used in both radiopharmaceutical and regular pharmaceutical applications. Superseding traditional manual bubble point testing, this standalone unit removes operator subjectivity of measurement and reduces exposure to radioactivity when using radiolabelled solutions.

True bubble point using calibrated pressure sensors

The FIT is capable of testing both vented and non-vented filters up to 42 mm in diameter. The unit’s calibrated pressure sensors measure gas pressure to deliver accurate bubble point testing. It standardises tests by first wetting the filter and then automatically detecting the type of filter being used to apply the applicable gas flow profile, meaning both types of filters are tested in the exact same way. The solution is then filtered through to remove residual product that could affect readings, delivering true bubble point results.

Introducing data integrity to bubble point testing

Manual bubble point testing relies on results being transcribed, and hence, lacks data integrity. However, the FIT introduces GxP by allowing five custom users with two possible access levels. The Generic User Level grants users access to run a test or check previous results. The Administrator Access Level grants administrators access to run a test, check previous results, and configure instrument settings such as editing user logins and performing annual sensor calibrations.

The unit logs each bubble point test automatically, including date, time, test ID, bubble point pressure, and test result. The built-in touchscreen clearly displays test results with a clear pass/fail. All the tests performed are stored on the FIT itself but may also be downloaded to another device as a PDF or CSV file via USB.

Find out more

You can learn more about the Filter Integrity Tester and its automation of bubble point testing by clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly.


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