The new Logi-CHROM ONE: powerful radio-HPLC in one small unit

19 June 2024

At a glance

>  The updated Logi-CHROM ONE provides a cost-effective, benchtop solution for radiochemical purity testing.

>  Only 1/3 the size of a traditional HPLC system, it combines the most common modules into a single, powerful unit.

>  Together with our Laura Radiopharma software, the Logi-CHROM ONE is a GMP-compliant solution for radiopharmacies.

Save money, bench space, and time

LabLogic is pleased to release the updated Logi-CHROM ONE, our all-in-one radio-HPLC solution for radiopharmaceutical QC. Designed for radiochemical purity testing, it streamlines traditional HPLC by integrating the most common modules into one small but powerful unit.

The new design improves usability by introducing a split-door design for easy access when loading samples. Status LEDS are now included on the cabinet to indicate when the Logi-CHROM ONE is powered on, operating, or has an error to facilitate quick user troubleshooting.

An integrated, GMP-compliant solution for radiopharmacies

By combining modules such as a low-pressure quaternary pump, UV detector, and radioactivity detector into a single unit, the Logi-CHROM ONE provides a cost-effective solution with a significantly smaller footprint. This integration also means staff training and validation processes are less time-consuming.

Controlled by GMP-compliant software – LabLogic’s Laura Radiopharma – it provides all the features required for regulatory compliance such as configurable pass/fail criteria, automatic peak finding, and half-life correction, and can be seamlessly integrated into PETra and SPECTra, our leading Laboratory Information Management Systems.

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