A new concept injection solution

Tema Sinergie's new ASTER is an Administration System for Theranostics. It is a new concept injection solution for radiopharmaceuticals in radiometabolic therapy. The system allows users to automatically manage the infusion of radiopharmaceuticals from a single use vial, minimizing exposure to the operator and avoiding any type of contamination.

Minimize radioactive exposure

The disposable transfer set, designed for single use, aims to minimize direct contact between the vial and the operator to decrease exposure.

The automated peristaltic pump means the operator no longer needs to monitor the entire process, reducing their own exposure whilst still being able to stop the administration if necessary. 

The punching device is designed to be fixed above the 30 mm lead pot and align perfectly with the hole. In this way, it is possible to perforate the vial to avoid risks to the operator as well as possible contact with the pot, which could compromise the sterility of the kit.

Ensure sterility

The single-use disposable transfer set eradicates the potential risk of accidental cross-contamination during successive administrations between different patients. In addition, the needle will never come into contact with the lead glass pot while ensuring maximum uptake. 

Protecting the operator and patient

There is also a system on the punching device to retain any radiopharmaceutical droplets that may be found in the needle used. This minimizes any risk of contamination due to accidental leaks. In addition, the safety lock protects the operator from unintentional punctures.

Avoid contamination

The disposable transfer set is specifically designed to avoid direct contact between vial and operator. Therefore, there can be no radiopharmaceutical leaks from the set during disconnection from the vial.

Medical device certification pending

Standard items

  • Ergonomic stand with 5 rotating wheels for maximum safety and stability during the preparation and infusion phase.
  • Safety transfer disposable set.
  • 30mm lead glass pot (container) for constant visibility and protection during the administration phase.
  • Peristaltic infusion pump for precise dosing and controlled flow rate.
  • Infusion single-treatment disposable set.

Optional extras

  • Pliers for vial handling.
  • Shielded hood for dose checking (Model LFH-beta-10). The hood is equipped with a shielded dose calibrator compartment located under the main working area (dose calibrator is optional). External dimensions (mm): W 1480 x D 1020 x H 2580. Weight: 1300 KG.


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