The ARM-X area monitor by MetorX 

The ARM-X area monitor is a powerful and flexible solution for area monitoring. The instrument is an application driven system suitable for gamma and neutron measurements. The ARM-X has six ports, which can be shared between detectors, Ethernet, USB, and external devices. 

The distance between the ARM-X and the detector is a maximum of 1,000 meters. A wide range of detectors are available, which measure background levels up to 100 Sv/hour. Waterproof detector options are also available. The instrument can have two alarm levels configured at once.  

The ARM-X can be easily set-up through a touch-screen interface in a few minutes. An energy spectrum can be displayed, using a scintillator crystal with an internal multichannel analyzer. 

ARM-X area monitor key features 

  • Up to 6 measurement channels shared between detector and communication ports
  • Desktop and wall-mount configurations
  • Maximum reliability through the use of industry standard components
  • Detectors can be connected through RS-485, with a maximum distance of 1,000 meters. No power or adaptor required
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • A wide range of smart detectors are available, with all parameters stored for easy replacement
  • Internal data storage of up to 30GB 
  • The ARM-X's data is easily accessible through an ethernet connection
  • 0/4 - 20 mA output option
  • Automatic power-fail recovery 


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ARM-X area monitor by MetorX
  • ARM-X area monitor by MetorX