An advanced hand held digital radiation monitor with a range of probe options for all your contamination monitoring and radiation protection requirements

Radhound X/E is an advanced digital hand held general purpose radiation monitor, suitable for a wide range of probes.

This feature packed instrument boasts unique features, such as the ability to switch between probes via the menu, allowing for example, a dose rate probe and a contamination probe to be configured for use with one instrument. This flexibility allows any standard probe to be used (300-1200V).

Radhound X/E is capable of measuring dose rate, CPS, CPM, Bq/cm2 with alpha and beta discrimination. The instrument menu allows adjustment of thresholds, high voltage, dead time and over-range protection.

Simple and easy to use

We take great care to ensure our instruments are very easy to operate. The menu on the Radhound X/E can easily be locked by the user to ensure only basic options are available, giving greater security and protection against accidental setting changes.

Multiple probe library/confirguration

As well as operating as a traditional single probe instrument, the Radhound X/E allows the user to switch quickly between alternative probe setups. (The user is instructed to plug in the correct probe before the new settings are applied, protecting against possible over voltage or use of incorrect settings).


Radhound X/E has an adjustable alarm threshold. Additionally separate alpha and beta alarms can be set. The sounder is loud and clear, and is suitable for use in many different environments. A symbol flashes on the display when in alarm.

Scaler Timer

Radhound X/E has a scaler time mode, allowing the integration of count for a preset time (or time to a preset count). Additionally in dose rate mode, time to dose can be indicated.

Self Test

Radhound X/E automatically checks its health on turn on. It checks the high voltage, battery level, keyboard and sounder.


Main modes of operation Count (or dose rate), integrate/scaler timer, histogram (count rate graph),Peak valueMenu gives control of system parameters and multiple probe library
Display Large backlit LCD, 70 x 40 mmAutomatic backlight movement sensor - when instrument is picked up, the backlight comes on
Displayed units CPS, CPM, µSv/hr, mSv/hr, Sv/hr, (R/hr, mR/hr µR/hr) Bq/cm2
Response time 0.5 second responseAdjustable averaging time 5, 10, 15 secondsIntegration time adjustable up to 24 hours
Operational parameters High voltage adjustable from 300-1200VUser defined. Up to 5 probes with adjustment of HV, gain, threshold, dead time, over-range, probe nameAdjustable alarm levelsMHV connector (others available on request)
Mechanical Size: 165 x 115 x 59 mm excluding handleImpact resistant, waterproof for IP65Weight typically <1.3 kg
Environmental Operating temperature -10°C to +50°CStorage temperature -25°C to +60°C
Power On screen battery status indication2 x 1.5V C-cell or optional lithium ion rechargeableBattery life typically >40 hrs continuous use

What batteries does the Radhound take?

The Radhound comes complete with a fully rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Included is a charger so you can charge you battery via the mains.

Can I turn the sound off?

Both the clicks and the alarm can be turned on and off using simple short cut buttons. Icons on the display screen tell you whether they are on or off.

Can I use several probes with my monitor?

Each standard Radhound is calibrated with one individual probe. However the Radhound X/E can have up to 5 different probes calibrated with the one monitor allowing you to switch between probes as your work dictates. 

Can I use the Radhound to measure dose rate?

Yes, depending on the probe choice, the Radhound can be set up for either dose rate measurement or standard ratemeter for contamination monitoring.

Can I measure contamination over time?

The Radhound has an integrator mode that allows you to measure contamination over a predetermined time. There is also source-finder mode which uses a histogram plot to help you find a specific spot of contamination.

Can I clean the monitor if it gets contaminated?

As the chemically resistant screen is completely flat it makes it easy to decontaminate with no knobs or buttons to clean behind.

Do you have an equivalent to my current probe?

We have a wide range of probes including GM tubes, scintillation probes and alpha/beta separation. We also have equivalents to many of the Mini probes; if you can’t see what you are looking for please ask.

Can I purchase a monitor without a probe?

Yes, all of our monitors and probes are priced and can be bought separately from one another.

Are the monitors made in the UK?

Yes, both the Radhounds and their probes are made and can be serviced here in the UK at our Sheffield office.


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