The central idea behind Absorbance One lies in creating the ultimate user experience via a tailored and streamlined workflow. At any point on the spectrum, tailored to your application.

A Singular User Experience

The Absorbance One brings world-class specifications to the palm of your hand. Disrupting the idea of centralised equipment, the Absorbance One's minimal footprint and low price point means it is available to every lab - and even every workstation. Designer for specific applications, the Absorbance One is your decentralised UV-visible spectrophotometer.

The discrete design of the Absorbance One forges a new path in a single-mode UV-visible spectrophotometer. Capable of reading up to 5 OD, the Absorbance One pushes the limits of dynamic range. For endpoint or kinetic measurements, a single wavelength per device means the Absorbance One can be tailored specifically to the desired colourimetric assay.

  • 260 nm - RNA/DNA Quantification A260
  • 280 nm - Protein Quantification A280
  • 340 nm - NAD/NADH Quantification
  • 562 nm - BCA
  • 595 nm - Bradford
  • 600 nm - OD600

The Absorbance One is compatible with multiple cuvette types, allowing for microvolume measurements or readout in standard 1cm cuvettes.

  • Micro 50 μL
  • Semi-Micro 400 μL
  • Macro 1000 μL

Almost Magical

The application of Byonoy’s ambient light cancelling technology results in an open design, allowing for quick and intuitive cuvette loading. Auto cuvette detection initiates measurement in a fraction of a second and results are displayed instantly in the Absorbance One App. 

Auto Cuvette-Dectection, Auto Initialisation, Auto Measurement

A single US cable connects the device to a computer, tablet or smartphone and provides access to the Absorbance One App, where a clean and user-friendly interface allows measurement results to be easily recorded and exported in the desired digital format.


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