A quick, automated radionuclide extraction system.

The Hidex Q-ARE 100 is the most advanced automatic extraction chromatography system dedicated to radionuclide separation function. Quick and easy-to-use the system is intuitive and completely hassle-free.


  • Fully automated column conditioning, sample loading, washing and elution steps.
  • Single and tandem chromatography separation.
  • + Up to 8 samples simultaneous processing.
  • + Up to 5 elution fractions collection from one sample.


  • Safety orientated compact design with acrylic doors provides a high level of protection within a small footprint.
  • User-safe fume hood free design to avoid exposure to strong acids and samples.


  • Compatible with various sizes of pre-packed and self-packed columns.

Automated EXC for 8 samples simultaneous processing

The Q-ARE 100 comprises of a simultaneous co-operation of 8 pumps and samples lines, 12 reagent lines and 50 valves for automated extraction chromatography. The system has capacity for a maximum of 20 elution fractions collection for separated bottles. Each pump is individually calibrated for highly accurate flow and volume dispensing.

Automated tandem chromatography

The Q-ARE 100 has single and tandem chromatography modes. Tandem chromatography mode allows sample and reagents to flow consecutively through two columns. Elution is performed from the two columns into different elution bottles automatically without manual steps. From one sample up to 5 elution fractions can be collected and a  total of 4 samples can be processed in parallel in the tandem mode. All the radionuclide extraction applications based on Triskem and Eichrom columns and resins can be automated with the Q-ARE.

Q-ARE 50 - EXC for four samples parallel processing

The Q-ARE 50 is a cost-effective alternative for the Q-ARE 100. The system is based on same high-quality components and it has capacity for four samples simultaneous processing. The two reagent zones holds up to 12 reagent bottles. In tandem mode the capacity is two samples. The physical size is same as Q-ARE 100.

User friendly intuitive software

The Q-ARE is operated using an external PC. The EXC protocol typically consists of four different steps: 1) conditioning, 2) sample loading, 3) washing and 4) elution. The protocols with reagent, flow and volume control are easy to create using pre-filled dropdown menus. Two different protocols for 4 + 4 samples can be run simultaneously using reagent lines 1-6 for the columns and pumps 1-4 and reagents lines 7-12 for the columns 5-8.

Hidex Q-ARE 100 Automated Radionuclide Extraction System existing customers 

Click on the tabs below to find out more about our customers, and how they are using the Hidex Q-ARE in their laboratories. 

National Physical Laboratory, UK

The first Hidex Q-ARE 50 automated radionuclide extraction system in the UK has been delivered to the National Physical Laboratory’s Nuclear Metrology Group, where it will be used to perform liquid chromatography for radionuclide separation. NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute and is responsible for realising, maintaining, and developing the UK’s primary measurement standards and uses them to provide standards, calibrations, measurements, and testing to end users.

Science Area Leader Ben Russell and Higher Research Scientists Hibaaq Mohamud and Alexandre Tribolet are hoping to achieve automated radionuclide separation using the Q-ARE 50 to replace existing Dry Column Vacuum Chromatography (DCVC). The Q-ARE 50 has a capacity for four samples to be processed simultaneously and two reagent zones that hold up to twelve reagent bottles.



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