21 CFR 11 Software for PerkinElmer (Packard) FSA Flow Detector Range

1 December 2002

Release of Laura 3.1, chromatography data collection and analysis package compatible with the PerkinElmer (Packard) FSA flow detector range.

LabLogic Systems are pleased to announce the release of Laura 3.1 chromatography data collection and analysis package.

This exciting addition to the industry standard Laura 3 software is designed for the PerkinElmer Life Science range of A500 series radioactivity flow detectors

and allows for the first time full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance to be available. LabLogic Systems has written the software in full consultation and collaboration with PerkinElmer

Life Science and Laura 3.1 has full instrument control. Laura 3.1 incorporates all those well accepted features of Laura 3 which are listed below

The user can make the transition from FloOne software to Laura 3.1 very easily. All the features that the FSA user is expecting are there

in easy to use format. Laura 3.1 is a fully networkable system operating in a true 32-bit environment. This gives the user the ability to create or edit methods and add to

sample queues from their office computer. It also allows the operator to view data in real-time without having to go into the laboratory.

LabLogic also offer a full implementation and validation service on the software, combined with comprehensive training from our Product Specialists.

Laura 3.1 offers many useful features including:-

Multi Level Security

Fully Networkable

32 Bit Environment

Data Collection from many types of instrument

Wizards to guide users through methods etc.

Edit and insert measurement queue over network.

View real time measurement over network

Instrument Performance Assessment for GLP purposes.

Document Management System

Links to Microsoft Word

Scintillator Pump Control

External Pump Control (Agilent and Jasco)

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