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Out of this world

12 December 2016

To the casual observer the angled lines of the Hidex 300 SL could be said to give it a slightly futuristic look. However, it was more than its space-age aesthetical appeal which attracted one of NASA’s key service providers to acquire one recently.

GMP compliance with help from the experts

8 December 2016

LabLogic recognises that GMP compliance is no straightforward task, it requires a good understanding of GMP principles, document requirements and their application in a radiopharmacy setting.

See the Sense demonstrated at Synthetic Biology UK 2016

11 November 2016

LabLogic will be exhibiting at Synthetic Biology UK 2016 in Edinburgh from  the 14th to the 16th November.

LabLogic to exhibit at the 25th International Isotope Society (UK Group) Symposium

10 November 2016

LabLogic will be exhibiting at the 25th International Isotope Society (UK Group) Symposium in Cambridge on the 11th November.

Sense-ational end of year offer!

8 November 2016

You may be interested to know that we currently have a very special offer on this instrument. For a limited time we will supply a FREE full range supplementary filter set with any Sense multi-technology microplate reader purchase.

Wilma enjoys some well deserved publicity

7 November 2016

Wilma was the name that was on everyone's lips at the recent Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's Supply Chain event in Manchester.

See us at the NDA Supply Chain Event

2 November 2016

LabLogic will be exhibiting at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Supply Chain Event which is due to be held on the 3rd November at Event City, Manchester.

Superior Alpha/Beta separation in LSC

27 October 2016

The Hidex 300 SL's alpha/beta separation qualities are significantly enhanced when using Aqualight AB cocktail rather than Ultima Gold AB, leading to 0% misclassification.

The Triathler – helping to maintain a clear line of sight

19 October 2016

The Hidex Triathler can be called upon to provide fast and reliable results for a whole host of applications. Although mainly used in the life science and environmental sectors, the instrument’s capabilities are also well suited for testing manufactured products.

A PET LIMS configured to your exact requirements

12 October 2016

Choosing the correct PET LIMS configuration is not a straightforward task, with so many different options, modules and services to choose from. To streamline this process LabLogic have created four off-the-shelf packages of PETra - our dedicated PET LIMS system - which are designed to meet a range of typical customer requirements.

LabLogic to exhibit at Drug Discovery 2016

10 October 2016

LabLogic will be demonstrating the Sense at ELRIG Drug Discoery 2016 in Liverpool from the 13th - 14th October.

The new PED+ from Tracerco

4 October 2016

This compact personal dosimeter from Tracerco has plenty of novel features, that make it more than just a standard EPD. For example:

A change of venue

30 September 2016

LabLogic will be exhibiting at the 22nd Workshop of the IIS-CED in Frankfurt from the 6th - 7th October.

Slimming down liquid scintillation

26 September 2016

Many research departments are facing the prospect of replacing an old generation of liquid scintillation counters. These counters have been bought in the heyday of open source work, where high throughputs were key. Now these large, cumbersome machines need to be replaced, and there is an opportunity to free up valuable lab space in the process.

New fast throughput LSC

23 September 2016

The new 600 SL is already meeting the needs of labs across a whole range of sectors, from government to pharmaceuticals and contract research organisations. Indeed, since its launch earlier this year 600 SL's have been installed at a number of companies including the National Institute of Health, Bristol Meyers Squibb and Smithers Viscient.

LabLogic to exhibit at ICRM-LLRMT in Seattle

12 September 2016

LabLogic will be exhibiting at the ICRM-LLRMT 2016 in Seattle from the 26th to the 30th September.

Developing a regional partnership with The University of Sheffield

18 August 2016

Over the past 10 years LabLogic have developed an excellent working relationship with our neighbours at The University of Sheffield.

Wilma shows its versatility

12 August 2016

LabLogic's versatile and innovative water monitoring system, Wilma, is finding its feet on an international scale following close collaborations between the company and network of distributors in recent months. The system combines novel sample acquisition and highly-sensitive liquid scintillation counting modules to determine the presence of radioactivity in small (ml) water samples.

Servicing Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

9 August 2016

LabLogic has recently been establishing a significant client base in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. Projects, involving installation of a full range of QC instrumentation for analysis of multiple PET products have recently been completed in Kuopio, Finland, in Linköping, Sweden and now in Tallinn, Estonia.

Validation and GMP Consultancy

4 August 2016

LabLogic has recently won a contract to supply Validation and GMP Consultancy services to the Advanced Technology Company, Kuwait.

Extended load sample capacity and queuing all in one instrument

26 July 2016

Designed for high sample load capacity required in centralised laboratories, the Hidex 600 SL high throughput automatic TDCR liquid scintillation counter offers extended load sample capacity and queuing all in one instrument. 

Innovative Scintillation Counters, Gamma Counters and Radiation Monitors for all your counting needs

12 July 2016

 LabLogic will be exhibiting on booth #124 at the forthcoming Health Physics Society 61st Annual Meeting in Spokane from the 18th - 20th July 2016. 

Supporting MetorX at the NKRV Workshop in Nijmegen

13 June 2016

MetorX, LabLogic's distributor in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, will be exhibiting at the NKRV Workshop in Nijmegen on the 1st July.

300 SL with alpha beta separation illustrates the point perfectly

10 June 2016

LabLogic recently carried out a wipe test for Xofigo® contamination at New York's Long Island Jewish Hospital.

Debra's 'topical' study type

25 May 2016

Whether you are performing dermal skin studies or applying compounds to soil or crops, Debra 6.3 now has a 'topical' study type with convertible dose units ranging from ng/cm3 to g/m3 up to kg/ha.

A new release of Laura v4.2.11.129 is now available

19 May 2016

In this release functionality has been added for evaluation and data analysis.

Book your place at the PETra User Group Meeting in San Diego

12 May 2016

Our next PETra User Group Meeting is due to take place in San Diego on Saturday 11th June just prior to the SNMMI 2016 Annual Meeting.

Using the Hidex/Okolab gas controller unit in conjunction with the Sense

9 May 2016

The environmental control system for the Hidex Sense uses an external digital gas flow control unit to manipulate the atmosphere in the chamber of the microplate reader. 

Ian Oxley joins the LabLogic team

2 May 2016

Ian Oxley recently joined LabLogic to manage and provide support for the implementation of PET QC systems worldwide, and particularly those involving PETra.

Undertaking chromium assays with the Hidex Sense Beta Plus

19 April 2016

Supporting all common scintillation assays and plates, such as LumaPlate®, filter plates, e.g. UniFilter™, Filtermats, FlashPlates®, Solid scintillators, e.g. MeltiLex® and Scintillation Proximity Assays, the Hidex Sense Beta Plus is a perfect platform for live cell studies. The Nichols laboratory, part of a major hospital in Memphis, recently purchased a Sense and has been using it extensively in their research work.

Supporting the health care providers who do such great work on behalf of America's Veterans

15 April 2016

LabLogic recently supplied Hidex instruments to two key departments at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center.

All change at Harvard

2 April 2016

Harvard University, one of the most famous educational establishments in the world, recently took delivery of three Hidex 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counters.

We did it again!

1 April 2016

The Hidex Sense recently scooped the coveted Technology Award for the second year running at the ELRIG Research & Innovation 2016 event in Nottingham.

Former Triad Isotopes VP explains reasons for investing in PETra

23 March 2016

Dave Wilson former Vice President of PET operations at Triad Isotopes shared his reasons for converting to LabLogic's leading PET LIMS software PETra.

PETra: A platform for multiple languages

17 March 2016

As PET radiopharmaceutical production continues to grow worldwide, the need for a multi-lingual system to control data throughout the laboratory becomes more evident.

PETra User Group Meeting, San Diego

9 March 2016

This summer LabLogic will be holding another of its popular PETra User Group Meetings. The event will be taking place in San Diego on Saturday 11th June just prior to the SNMMI 2016 Annual Meeting.

Tracer-QC concept awarded significant FDA funding

8 March 2016

The FDA has recently awarded funding of $1.8M to Trace-Ability and LabLogic Systems, to support the optimization and validation of the Tracer-QC system. The Tracer-QC is a radical new concept, set to change quality control of PET radiopharmaceuticals as we now know it.

BC Cancer Agency Invests in PETra

24 February 2016

The BC Cancer Agency, which provides a comprehensive cancer control program for the people of British Columbia (pop. 4.7M) in partnership with regional health authorities, has chosen to invest in LabLogic’s PETra PET LIMS software for its PET Cyclotron/Radiopharmacy facility in Vancouver, Canada.

Miguel Longoria Joins LabLogic

17 February 2016

Due to the continued growth within the PET and Nuclear Medicine sector, LabLogic have recruited Miguel Longoria, a former cyclotron engineer at Valley Nuclear and at Houston Methodist Research Institute.

Taking liquid scintillation counting to a new level

3 February 2016

Designed to meet the needs of laboratories processing large quantities of samples, the new Hidex 600 SL is a high throughput automatic TDCR liquid scintillation counter which allows samples to be loaded and left queuing.

Debra 6.3 Release

28 January 2016

The 6.3 version of Debra will be released in Feburary with a number of new features including: Audited and versioned rich text comments, new topical dose study types, TRR calculations, extraction tree comments and enhanced links.

Laura LSC import function

26 January 2016

Laura software can be used to import and analyse the data from off-line systems such as Liquid Scintillation Counters and Plate Readers producing a chromatogram which can be integrated and the data extracted in the same way as it can for direct data counted from the B-RAM radio flow detector.

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