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Netherlands CRO chooses LabLogic detector/software package

15 December 2008

Dutch CRO NOTOX BV has installed a Beta-RAM 4 radio flow-through detector and Laura 4 data collection and analysis software from LabLogic Systems at its 's-Hertogenbosch laboratories.

TLC/HPLC system assists imaging chemistry research group

8 December 2008

A compact and versatile system from LabLogic is meeting the radiochromatography detection needs of the Imaging Chemistry research group at King's College London.

Offer includes three radiation monitors - and a spare

19 November 2008

If your lab staff need to use radiation contamination monitors, a new offer from LabLogic Systems will make sure they're all well-equipped - and have a vital spare to hand too.

β-RAM end of year offer

11 November 2008

Until the end of 2008 radiochromatographers can trade in their existing radio-detector for the new IN/US β-RAM 4 from LabLogic Systems at an attractive price.

Get the best radio-HPLC detector for less

5 November 2008

If you want the radio-HPLC flow-through detector that the pharmaceutical industry prefers but at much less cost, the answer is a reconditioned Beta-RAM from LabLogic Systems.

LabLogic to join UKTI trade mission to AAPS meeting

30 October 2008

Nucleonic instrumentation and software specialist LabLogic Systems is stepping up its presence at this year's Annual Meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (Atlanta, USA - 16th - 20th November).

TLC scanner checks beta-emitting radionuclide purity

13 October 2008

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK, is using a TLC scanner and software from LabLogic Systems to check the purity of Yttrium-90 Zevalin, the cancer therapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Ship more doses and shuffle less paper with new PET LIMS

6 October 2008

PETra, the new LIMS from LabLogic Systems, is custom-built to save time and reduce error in the production of 18FDG and other PET radiopharmaceuticals.

CRO chooses flexible LIMS user licence

29 September 2008

Kansas-based contract laboratory Xenometrics LLC is taking advantage of the new flexible licensing options available for Debra, LabLogic Systems' LIMS for non-clinical ADME studies.

LabLogic meeting customers online

22 September 2008

LabLogic Systems has introduced web conferencing as an additional means of maintaining dialogue with its customers.

'New for old' liquid scintillation counter deal solves source disposal problem

16 September 2008

Until December 2008 LabLogic Systems is accepting any liquid scintillation counter in part exchange for the new Hidex 300 SL - and will also dispose of the old counter's internal radiation source into the bargain.

LabLogic radio-HPLC detector valuable for PET research""

10 September 2008

The University of Manchester's Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre in the UK is using a Dual BGO radio-HPLC detector from LabLogic Systems to detect low-level radionuclides for its research into PET methodologies.

Laura / Acquity UPLC interface is up and running

8 September 2008

Release 4.0.3 of LabLogic Systems' Laura data management program includes an interface for controlling the Acquity UltraPerformance LC system from Waters Corporation.

ADME LIMS suitable for unlabelled compound data

5 September 2008

Millennium Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge, Massachusetts is the latest company to install LabLogic’s Debra LIMS.

Buoyant sales reflect problem-solving successes

22 August 2008

Radiochromatography specialist LabLogic Systems has made a strong start to its 2008-9 financial year, with double-digit growth in all areas - software, instruments and consumables.

Reconditioned RHPLC detector is an entry-level bargain

6 August 2008

Life science departments in higher education who struggle to meet their radio-HPLC detection needs with the funding available should consider investing in a reconditioned Beta-RAM 2 from LabLogic Systems.

Latest Debra has Protein Binding module

28 July 2008

A new Protein Binding module is available with Debra 5.7, the latest release of LabLogic’s ADME LIMS.

ADME LIMS keeps an eye on sampling time deviations

18 July 2008

The latest release of Debra, LabLogic Systems' LIMS for non-clinical ADME studies, makes it even easier to collect and monitor time data for blood PK samples.

PET labs can rely on AR2000 imaging scanner

15 July 2008

Laboratories manufacturing PET radio-tracers who need to check the purity of their product without investing in a full HPLC system are turning in increasing numbers to the AR2000 imaging scanner from LabLogic Systems.

Radiopharmacy study determines TLC scanning best practice

11 July 2008

Radiopharmacists at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary have investigated the ideal conditions for measuring RCP of 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals using the Mini-Scan TLC scanner and Laura chromatogram acquisition software from LabLogic Systems.

Keeping tabs on radioisotopes - and more

8 July 2008

Recent new users of Stacy, the sample management and radioisotope inventory system from LabLogic Systems, are still finding new applications for the software.

FlowLogic 1:1 scintillation cocktail preferred for radio-HPLC

1 July 2008

A leading CRO recently secured a contract in which the sponsor required the use of Flowlogic 1:1 scintillation cocktail for all radio-HPLC work.

Direct imaging speeds radio-synthesis purity checks

17 June 2008

The AR 2000 imaging scanner from LabLogic Systems gives radio-synthesis laboratories a fast and accurate means of measuring the purity of their product in real time without the need for a full HPLC system.

TLC scanner on show at King's College London radiopharmacy summer school

17 June 2008

Participants in the UK Radiopharmacy Group's summer school on quality control testing (King's College London, 17-18 July 2008) will be able to get hands-on experience of one of the tools of the trade – the LabLogic MiniScan radio-TLC scanner.

New liquid scintillation counter needs no radioactivity source

30 May 2008

The new 300 SL liquid scintillation counter from LabLogic Systems does away with the need to have a standard source of radioactivity to compensate for the quench phenomenon for pure beta emitters.

LabLogic User Group celebrates 25 years

21 May 2008

UK-based nucleonic instrumentation and scientific software specialist LabLogic Systems this month celebrates the 25th anniversary of its first User Group meeting.

Poster shows low-level counting system gives clearer peaks

6 May 2008

LabLogic Systems is presenting a poster at the 10th European ISSX Regional Meeting (Vienna, 18th - 21st May) to demonstrate its SoFie system for counting low activity metabolite samples.

New autoradiography software to debut at ESA meeting

6 May 2008

Delegates to the 7th European Society of Autoradiography Meeting (Salzburg, 11th - 14th May) will be the first to see the 2.1 release of Seescan, LabLogic Systems' software for quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography (WBA) image analysis.

Low level counting system is up and running

28 April 2008

LabLogic Systems reports a good first year for the uptake of SoFie, its new system for counting low activity samples.

Pharmas favour risk-based validation

18 April 2008

As a long-standing supplier of GLP system validation services, LabLogic Systems has observed a trend in recent years towards risk-based validation for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems rather than the traditional IQ, OQ and PQ validation phases.

User Group calls for radiochromatography / LIMS papers

25 March 2008

LabLogic Systems is calling for papers for its 2008 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group, to be held at the San Diego Hilton on the 9th and 10th October.

Waters and LabLogic Announce Collaboration

10 March 2008

Waters Corporation and LabLogic Systems Ltd. have agreed to collaborate on developing interface software for LabLogic's (Sheffield, UK) Laura™ Radiochromatography System and make it compatible with Waters® ACQUITY® UltraPerformance LC&#174

Radio-detection essentials available on-line

7 March 2008

LabLogic Systems complements its core offering of radiochemical detection software and instrumentation with an 'online store' of ancillaries demanded by its customers and proven in service.

End-of-year offers give life labs extra value

22 February 2008

LabLogic Systems is making a range of special offers until 31 March that will help UK Life Sciences laboratories squeeze the last drop of value out of their budgets as the end of the financial year looms.

Pharma CRO adopts common radiochromatography data platform

14 February 2008

A leading international drug development CRO has introduced LabLogic's Laura chromatography data collection and analysis system at one of its North American sites, bringing it into line with its UK counterpart.

LabLogic/INUS 2008 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group

12 February 2008

We are pleased to confirm the dates and location for our 2008 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group. The event will be held at the San Diego Hilton, San Diego, USA, on the 9th and 10th October 2008.

PET centres choose LabLogic for radiopharmaceutical QA

6 February 2008

Instrumentation from LabLogic Systems is the overwhelming choice for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals at the growing number of PET centres across the UK.

What's that noise?

29 January 2008

Keith Hall of LabLogic Systems tracks down the source of background during counting of low-level radioactivity in RHPLC eluates, and describes an effective way of keeping it to a minimum that reduces counting time.

Free brochure has answers to fast LC problems

24 January 2008

New literature from LabLogic Systems identifies problems often encountered by radio-chromatographers using Fast LC in order to achieve better resolution, and describes how they can be overcome.

Multi-skilled microplate reader finds many applications

7 January 2008

The Plate Chameleon V microplate reader incorporates six different detection technologies and uses fibreless detection geometry to guarantee the highest performance from all of them.

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