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Streamlining the process and improving efficiency with PETra

15 December 2015

A huge benefit to implementing a fit-for-purpose LIMS system is that it significantly improves efficiency. Users of PETra, the leading PET LIMS system, have reported efficiency improvements of up to 30%.

Setting the standard for the accurate measurement of samples containing low level positron emitters

11 December 2015

Positrons are of increasing interest, not only because of clinical use in PET, but also in animal and human metabolism profiling. However, unlike PET QC measurement, the samples derived from metabolic studies are of very low level, due to the time taken to synthesize complex molecules and the duration of biological chemistry. This is where LabLogic’s Posi-RAM is in its element. Specifically designed to detect and measure these low level metabolites, it sets the standard in its field.

Hidex Triathler – The essential tool for RPA’s

30 November 2015

Compact, lightweight and easy to set up, Triathler is perfect for RPA’s tasked with undertaking wipe tests on the go. It provides fast and accurate results, counting all radioisotopes including Tritium, indeed it is suitable for just about any beta and gamma radiation application and accepts most types of vials and sample formats.

Improve efficiency and compliance within your radiopharmacy

24 November 2015

Find out more about LabLogic's leading SPECT LIMS system SPECTra. 

Automate your assays with ease

17 November 2015

Besides all common non-radiometric detection technologies, the Hidex Sense can uniquely perform Liquid Scintillation Counting assays - combine this with the PAA BiNEDx robotic loader and you save your laboratory time and money.

Creating the perfect environment

12 November 2015

LabLogic are working together with Don Whitley Scientific to provide Hidex Sense users with the opportunity to operate their instrument in a perfectly controlled environment.

Providing the finishing touch to the MIDAS Centre

5 November 2015

The University of Sheffield recently acquired a Hidex 300 SL for its new state-of-the-art advanced nuclear materials research facility, the MIDAS Centre.

Choosing a proven PET LIMS pays dividends

4 November 2015

Choosing a proven provider who knows PET radiopharmaceutical production really pays dividends. Lablogic's PETra is the perfect solution.

LabLogic raise money to sponsor a consultation room at the Children’s Hospital

2 November 2015

LabLogic raise over £5,000 to sponsor a consultation room on the new wing of the Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Next release of Debra 6.3 to be previewed at the ISSX and AAPS conferences in Orlando

12 October 2015

The forthcoming ISSX and AAPS conferences in Orlando, Florida will give the first preview of the next release of Debra 6.3 which is due to be available to customers at the turn of the year.

Sense-ational Offer

4 August 2015

If you use microplate readers, then listen up. We have a sensational offer on a high performance multi-mode plate reader.

Great design that works on every level

22 July 2015

The Hidex 300 SL is a fine example of design and functionality working in perfect harmony, making it the ideal choice for the modern laboratory environment. Such is the case at the City University of New York’s Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) where one has recently been installed.

NEW Eppendorf Adaptor available for the Sense

4 July 2015

To analyse larger volumes for scintillation counting the Hidex Sense is now available with an Eppendorf plate adaptor.

It's show time

10 June 2015

LabLogic have exhibited at more than 50 events so far this year, showcasing the company’s products to the scientific community across Europe and the United States. On occasions this has led to some formal recognition, such as an award for best product or presentation. Indeed, LabLogic recently scooped the Technology Prize at ELRIG’s Research & Innovation show in Nottingham. Now the company has achieved success again, this time at the Georgetown University BioResearch Product Faire in Washington.

Ready for launch at SNMMI

4 June 2015

Visit booth #1141 at SNMMI, Baltimore for more information about our latest concept for PET QC.

Sense now HTRF certified

4 June 2015

The Hidex Sense is now a validated reader of Cisbio's HTRF® technology.

Triathler meets the needs of Bristol University

13 May 2015

Bristol University's Hidex Triathler, which was installed recently in their Interface Analysis Centre, is already proving its worth.

The Hidex Sense – now DLReady™

1 May 2015

The Hidex Sense has recently been declared DLReady™ following a successful validation by Promega Corporation.

It's not just the winning

9 April 2015

The Hidex Sense came out on top at the recent ELRIG Research & Innovation 2015 meeting in Nottingham, winning the event's Technology Prize following a vote by delegates.

Testing the waters of the deep south

30 March 2015

During the course of the past twelve months, LabLogic have installed Hidex 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counters at the St. Lucie Power Plant on Hutchinson Island in Florida, the Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant in Georgia and the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona.

LabLogic’s latest release of Debra

12 March 2015

LabLogic is pleased to announce the latest release of the industry standard LIMS for radiolabelled metabolism studies, Debra.

The most sensitive plate based Luminometer

4 March 2015

The Hidex Sense provides users with up to 10 times more sensitivity than other common plate readers.

NEW Hidex AMG Automatic Gamma Counter

27 February 2015

If you're in the market for a Gamma Counter, look no further than the brand NEW Hidex AMG Automatic Gamma Counter.

Free Radhound with every 300 SL

3 February 2015

As a one off promotion LabLogic are offering a free Radhound radiation monitor with every 300 SL ordered before April 2015.

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