LabLogic Instruments - 'Age No Barrier'

23 July 2003

Over the years LabLogic has sustained the highest of standards with regard to product maintenance.

We have had a policy of taking in spares for support, and of trading in systems to cannibalise in order to keep others running. LabLogic has never withheld service on good instruments on the basis of their age. We are aware that we still make service visits to Intertechnique Liquid Scintillation counters now over 30 years old. Also to early Reeve flow detectors although these were not supplied by us; we took over servicing of a now defunct manufacturer’s installations.

We wonder how old the oldest LabLogic supplied instrument is? With a mean time between failure of 9+ years for some of our equipment, we often lose track of our systems with takeovers and the like.

Do you have a RITA, a Ramona, Vanguard or Ambis still working happily?

Please email: mentioning the serial number and your story.

We are offering a digital camera for the oldest / most interesting story.

Of course if you are considering purchasing new radio TLC, HPLC or Imaging Systems then we are keen to hear from you, and would be pleased to discuss your needs and our cutting edge product range.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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